Your Guide to Valentine’s Perfume – Everything You Need to Know About Giving a Perfume

Ohen roses seem so yesterday and chocolates are calorie-free, your Valentine might consider the perfume counter for a sweet keepsake. But gifting perfume is tricky business, unless of course you’re restocking a used bottle. Apart from the fact that perfume is a matter of personal taste, one must consider how important you want to be enveloped in a special perfume.

Do you prefer a heady scent that announces your arrival and permeates your clothes or are you more interested in a light and airy concoction that fades away? There is a pecking order to the potency of a fragrance which is based on the percentage of fragrance oil used. Hereby we solve the perfume nomenclature puzzle.

Consider it your guide:

Fresh water

The lighter of the light is Eau Fraiche, a diluted version of the perfume with as little as 1-3% fragrance oil. This kind is mixed mostly with water while the stronger scents are mixed with alcohol and water. It’s also usually the cheapest option because the scent rarely lasts more than an hour. Which might be fine for some, but we think when you buy a perfume you want it to last.


The next step to intensity is cologne, which contains two to four percent perfume oil, is cut with alcohol, and lasts only a few hours. You can tell when the scent fades as the alcohol advances through the scent profile. The eau de toilette increases the level of fragrance with 5-15% perfume oil. You can count on this one to stay pleasantly subtle for most of the day or evening.


Wishing to make a statement with your fragrance, Eau de Parfums are the ticket. With 15-20% fragrance oil, these usually last on the skin throughout the day or evening. With the added potency, the scent is closer to the actual scent. It’s strong but not strong enough to overpower your dinner date’s meal.


Almighty perfume (or perfume) is a powerful product containing 20-30% oils. Thus, it is the costliest among the options. Highly concentrated fragrances are more than a statement. They are a cry to the heavens. It can be overwhelming for some, just the ticket for others. It all depends on the individual tolerance and consideration of those who might be seated next to you on a long airplane flight or in a theater.

Chanel ups its potent offerings of No. 5 with a limited-edition Grand Extrait Concentration, priced at $3,500 for 7.6 fluid ounces. Even at this price, it’s out of stock.

Chanel N°5 presents a good example of how the concentration of oil influences the price. The eau de toilette spray starts at $125 for 3.4 fluid ounces while the eau de parfum in the same quantity is $146. A fluid half ounce of Chanel No. 5 perfume is $245.

The French heritage brand has even gone so far as to create an even more powerful version of its classic fragrance. The limited edition Parfum Grand Extrait is priced at $3,500 for 7.6 fluid ounces. Even at that price, it’s out of stock, according to the Chanel site.

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