You can now get a perfume that smells like Mini Eggs

It’s called Mini Chocolate Eggsence, and we’ll take the lot.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Nothing announces the arrival of spring better than the scent that escapes from a bag of freshly opened Mini Eggs.

Is there a better smell? We are not convinced.

Moreover, we are certainly not alone. For some time, lovers of sweetness have been clamoring for the scent to be bottled, either as a perfume or as a room spray.

While we’re certainly happy to see bags of Mini Eggs lining supermarket shelves, Easter treat lovers will be delighted to know that you’ll soon be able to get that same flavor in a bottle.

That’s right, a perfume that smells like Mini Eggs is about to hit the market.

The fragrance, aptly titled Mini Chocolate Eggsence, comes courtesy of the LookFantastic brand, which gives people what they want.

Revealing the eau de parfum, LookFantastic describes it as “a mouth-watering fragrance that captures the scent of your favorite Easter treat in a bottle. The sweet scent offers elements of chocolate charm in every spray, perfect for spring.”

Explaining the fragrance profile, they write: “The scent opens with luscious cocoa, enticing the senses with rich, creamy accords, before fading into a silky vanilla oasis. A touch of honey adds warmth and richness to the scent, lingering on skin for a truly heavenly finish.”

The small bottle is of course presented in a “playful Easter egg packaging”.

Mini Chocolate Eggsence will retail on LookFantastic £25 (€30.25), but be warned; it’s here for a while, not for long. As it’s launching as an exclusive fragrance, it will be available the week before Easter, and Mini Eggs lovers are encouraged to wishlist the product on LookFantastic, and they’ll send you a notification when it’s released.

For more information, head over to the LookFantastic website here.

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