World Beard Day 2022: how to grow your beard naturally? From skincare to exercise, 5 simple ways that can help

World Beard Day is an international celebration for people who love to grow beards. It is observed on the first Saturday in September each year. World Beard Day 2022 will fall on September 3.

The beard is considered a sign of masculinity. Whether trimmed, grown-up, well-shaped or messy, beards are considered a sign of strength and high social status in many cultures. Growing a dense beard can be difficult and requires a lot of patience. As you celebrate World Beard Day 2022, we at LatestLY have picked out some easy and natural ways to grow your beard. From biotin-rich foods to massage oils, ways to grow beards faster and thicker naturally.

1. Keep your skin clean and hydrated

There is a better environment for facial hair growth if the skin is clean and hydrated. There should be no oil, dirt, and dead skin that could prevent your hair follicles from breaking. In addition, oiling will help maintain your beard perfectly.

2. Let them grow

Don’t trim your beard once in a while; let them grow for at least four to six weeks. Trim and groom the beard once it’s fully grown. Cutting or shaping the beard during the growth process can reduce its growth rate.

3. Manage your stress

Lack of sleep and a disrupted routine often create a problem like falling facial hair and damage to skin cells. For many men, stress is one of the main causes of hair loss.

4. Check your diet

Diet is an important factor that determines your beard growth rate. Include foods that contain vitamin A, B, C, D, and E as well as zinc, good carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, and iron. Add more chicken, avocado, salmon, nuts, chickpeas, fish, eggs, plant milk, dairy products and whole grain bread.

5. Exercise

Exercises help you stay in shape and increase your testosterone levels, which can help your beard grow. It also stimulates your blood circulation, which is essential for the production of healthy cells.

Many people find it difficult to grow a full grown beard. They try lots of oils and creams but come up with no good results. This World Beard Day, try these natural methods to boost your beard growth.

I wish everyone a happy World Beard Day 2022!

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