Why hair perfume is the next big thing in beauty


Did you know that hair is an excellent carrier of perfume? Here’s how to get the most out of it.

I’m going to be really honest, when I first heard that there was a product called hair fragrance, or hair fragrance, I pronounced WTF. Follow-up, really? Is it really necessary? I mean who sniffs people’s hair anyway?

So, with healthy skepticism and curiosity (with help from expert Laura Curtis, Mecca Scent Education Manager), I investigated all hair fragrances to answer all of my questions ( and hopefully yours too).

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What exactly is the scent of hair?

“Hair perfume – also known as hair mist or hair perfume – has emerged over the past few decades as we have become more aware of hair health and embrace creative ways to use fragrance.” Laura told Body + Soul.

While in the Middle Ages, wig wearers sprayed perfume under their hairpieces to emit a fragrance / control bad smells and even more recently, sprayed their eau de parfum or their eau de toilette into their hair to perfume it, perfume of hair on our natural hair is not used in the same way.

“Hair fragrances are made with a low alcohol content to preserve the hair’s natural moisture, and many contain nourishing ingredients to improve the health and shine of the hair, which sets them apart from a traditional fragrance,” says Laura. .

While it is not harmful to your hair, I was still wondering if spraying your hair was really that effective. It turns out that it is.

In fact, according to Laura, it’s “perfect”.

“As a natural fiber, hair holds perfume molecules very effectively and hair is always in motion, making it the ideal carrier for perfume,” she explains.

Laura says the products are also aimed at people who may need an alternative to traditional fragrances. Including:

  • Those who have sensitivities or allergies to perfume on the skin.
  • People who prefer a smoother diffusion of the scent (perhaps they work closely with other people sensitive to the scent – teachers, dentists, nurses – or who have a more introverted personality and prefer their scent to be more subtle. ).
  • Those who live in a hot and humid climate and find traditional scents too overwhelming for the senses in summer.
  • Or those who want to try a luxury perfume but are looking for a more affordable alternative to the eau de parfum version.

“A lot of people also like to wear a hair scent alongside a traditional scent to enhance the trail (the trail that a scent leaves behind when you walk into a room) of the scent,” she explains.

So with that in mind, I asked Laura about her top five budget fragrances (I also tried three myself). Here’s what she (and I) said:

1. Sol de Janeiro hair and body mist with Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40

With delicious notes of dark amber plum and warm vanilla wood, this glamorous hair and body mist is designed to leave you “cheirosa” which means in Brazil you smell “incredibly delicious and irresistible”!

It sells for $ 27 from Mecca.

2. Diptych hair mist in Do Son

Inspired by the seaside village of Do Son in Vietnam, it is the scent of tuberose petals floating in the ocean breeze. Diptyque Hair Mists are enriched with camellia oil to nourish and protect the hair.

I didn’t like this scent myself, but it has rave reviews everywhere else.

It sells for $ 75 from Mecca.

3. Byredo Hair Perfume with Gypsy Water

Created in collaboration with the famous hairdresser Christiaan Houbtenbos, Byredo hair fragrances are designed to care for and delicately perfume the hair.

Each hair scent combines one of Byredo’s signature scents with a unique formula of silicone and polymer (and less than 1% alcohol) to create a light, invisible veil that leaves hair nourished and luminous as well as fragrant.

Gypsy Water is an elegant, earthy scent made with sandalwood, pine needles, and vanilla. It was by far my favorite. It had a distinctive scent, but it wasn’t too strong and it lasted all day.

It sells for $ 92 from Mecca

4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian hair mist in Baccarat Rouge 540

One of MECCA’s most iconic scents in the form of a scented hair mist, leaving a delicate trace of the floral, amber and woody scent. Inspired by the brightness and decadence of a ruby ​​red crystal chandelier. It is alcohol free.

I liked this one too, but I feel like it’s more of a special occasion scent than the one I would use every day.

It sells for $ 111

5. Editions de Parfum Frédéric Malle Styling Mist in Portrait de Dame

This sophisticated and breathtaking scent contains Turkish rose, patchouli and raspberries. To associate with the perfume for a majestic trail or to wear alone for a more subtle elegance.

It sells for $ 257 from Mecca.

And finally, if you, like me, aren’t 100% sure how to apply the hair variety fragrance, I’ve got you (or Laura’s) covered.

“It is best to apply the fragrance to the hair from a distance of about 10 to 15 cm,” she says.

“I love to apply it like a ‘halo’ around the top of my head to create a gentle spread of scent as my hair moves throughout the day. You can also spray your hair perfume on your hairbrush before gently brushing your hair.

Shona Hendley is a freelance writer and former high school teacher. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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