Why did you wear your perfume wrong…

Just spray on perfume – don’t rub it on!

“Applying your perfume seems like a pretty simple thing to do, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s surprisingly easy to get it wrong,” said Thomas Gibson, who started the company earlier. this year and has already sold thousands of products.

“If you mess it up, you risk overpowering everyone you come in contact with or perhaps even more frustratingly, after spraying yourself generously, you leave the house so the smell is completely undetectable by the time you get to the work.”

Thomas has listed five of his top tips to ensure you get the most out of your perfume:

Avoid spraying perfume on your clothes

1. Just spray – don’t rub!

This is an extremely common unconscious habit: spray a little perfume on your wrists, then rub them together before patting your neck. Rubbing the perfume starts the evaporation process, which means the perfume won’t last as long on you. Instead, spray twice on wrists, chest and back of neck or behind ears and let dry.

2. Avoid spraying perfume on your clothes

If you’re in a rush to get out, don’t be tempted to spray perfume on your clothes for the sake of speed. Even the smallest spritz can damage clothes and leave stains. Plus, spraying on clothes means the scent won’t last. Let your perfume dry before getting dressed.

Use the right amount of perfume – the more concentrated, the less you need

3. Know your pulse points

When applying your perfume, it is recommended that you focus on your pulse points as this is where body heat will help to gently release the perfume as it evaporates into the skin. air. While the wrists and behind the ears are common places to spray perfume, you should also spray the insides of your elbows, knees, belly button, and the backs of your hands for maximum impact.

If you’ve ever wondered why some perfumes that smell almost the same have different names and prices, you’ll be interested to know that the variation is usually based on their different levels of scent concentration. The most concentrated is perfume, the second is eau de parfum – all from Noted. The aroma perfumes are eau de parfum, the third is eau de toilette, and the least concentrated is eau de cologne. The more concentrated the perfume, the longer you can expect the perfume to last and the less you need to use. Try a spritz on a pulse point and note its strength. Then check every two hours to see how it’s holding up.

Apply to moisturized skin creating the ideal conditions to fully absorb your fragrance

5. Apply to hydrated skin

The optimal time to apply your perfume is right after showering. Not only does your skin feel clean, but it’s also warm and moist, creating the perfect conditions to fully absorb your scent. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your scent will last.

Noted. Aromas is a designer fragrance company that offers a host of fragrances inspired by popular designer fragrances – from Baccarat Rouge, worn by Molly Mae Hague, to Santal 33, worn by Justin Bieber, prices start from £19.99 .

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