Where to spray perfume

You may be overlooking the best places to spray perfume, even though you’ve mastered perfume tricks to feel your best.

You see, learning how to wear perfume is more than just a quick spray on your neck and calling it a day; it’s about strategically positioning your scent of choice to ensure you smell great all day, no matter the angle.

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Places to spray perfume:

Keep reading to learn more about this fragrant beauty tip for your best scent.

Pulse points

Everyone knows the tried and true saying that applying perfume to your pulse points will prolong its effect. The heat from these areas helps release your aroma into the atmosphere. This area of ​​your body is among the hottest. Hold the bottle between three and six inches to get the most out of the scent. Two to four sprays are usually enough, so be careful not to overdo it.

behind the ear

The area behind your ears is another pulse point to pay attention to. After all, if you’re going on a date, we’re sure you want your aroma centered around your face. Before leaving the house, spray your perfume behind your ears.

Behind the knees

Although the application can be difficult, it will pay off if your legs are visible. Since the back of your knees is a pulse point, wearing a dress on these days will help your scent flow through your lower body. After lotioning up your legs after showering, apply perfume to increase scent retention.

Your clothes

If you don’t spray perfume on your clothes before you leave, you’re missing out! It’s worth spraying all over your body before you leave the house because the fabric can absorb and hold the scent longer than your skin. However, do not spray perfume on silk or other easily stained garments.

Your neck

Although you probably already know, you should spray perfume on your neck. You might want to consider wearing a scented necklace rather than just spraying your skin. These have a distinct scent and will keep your neck feeling fresh all day.

your wrists

Your wrists are one of the most talked about places to spray perfume, along with your neck. They are an extra pulse point that will extend the reach of your scent. Just be careful when washing your hands so you don’t take your smell off!

Inside the inside elbow

It’s a great place to ensure your aroma lasts on the hottest days when your arms are uncovered. Spray your perfume into the crook of your arm, but be careful not to bend your arm until it’s completely dry to avoid compromising the scent.

3 places to avoid spraying perfume

Even if you want to spray your favorite perfume everywhere, there are places where it’s not a good idea. Please read on to find out where you should never spray perfume as it can cause more damage than help.

around your eyes

Avoid spraying perfume near your eyes to avoid irritability. When they come into contact with particularly sensitive places, perfumes containing alcohol and ethyl can cause significant damage.

between your armpits

It would help if you reconsider spraying perfume in your armpits even if you want to apply it to hot spots. Anyone who’s applied scented deodorant to freshly shaved armpits knows the excruciatingly uncomfortable itching and burning from the irritation. The combination of sweat glands and strong alcoholic fragrances can cause significant irritation.

Near your genitals

When applying your favorite perfume next time, stay away from private areas. It could lead to burning, itching, and other irritants that you don’t want to feel there.

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