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For a perfume that has long lasting properties, it is best to invest in purchasing a perfume that lasts an average of six to eight hours.


There are five different types of scents on the market, each made up of different compositions, which in turn affect the longevity and scent of each type. Therefore, it is important to understand the distinctions between perfume, eau de parfum (EDP), eau de toilette (EDT), cologne, and fresh water.

Specifically, for people looking for a type of fragrance with long lasting properties. If so, it is better to buy a perfume. A term that is sometimes confused with the word perfume, which is different despite the interchangeable use of the terms in mainstream and popular discourse.

A brief overview of the fragrance distinctions

As previously suggested, perfume refers to the whole grouping of all types of perfumes. In the generic term of perfumes, there are subgroups as mentioned previously. These are distinguished by the composition of the three factors that differentiate each subgroup. Namely, the three factors are the use and percentage of scent oils, water and alcohol concentration. These factors affect the lifespan of the scent of perfume on the skin or clothing. For those looking to invest in a type of perfume with long lasting properties, they should consider purchasing a perfume.

Why the fragrance is touted as durable

In this regard, it is then important to discuss the properties that have led to the presentation of perfume as the perfume subtype with long-lasting properties. In general, perfumes are composed as follows with an average of about 15 to 40 percent perfume oil in their final product, and about 20 to 30 percent essential oils. Perfume, which is also commonly referred to as pure perfume or extract perfume, therefore has a composition of about 20 to 40 percent fragrance oils in its composition.

It is the highest of the types of perfume. It is the essential oils used in the composition of the perfume that ensure the longevity of the perfume, because it remains in a layer on the skin. Unlike other types of perfumes with a higher water or alcohol concentration, which evaporates at a higher rate like water would in the sun, this is why a perfume can last. an average of six to eight hours.

Perfume as the best type of perfume

Apart from being touted as the best fragrance investment for a long lasting scent, perfumers also unanimously touted scent as the best of the five types of fragrance subgroups. The reason for this is the ability of the different scents to release all the notes of the scent oils in the bottle, including the top, middle and base notes. It is this ability that allows some scents to last longer than the eight hour mark, pushing up to the 12 hour mark, or even all day. Sometimes, even after sleeping with the scent, it lasts overnight.

When and how to wear perfume

In addition, there are also tips and tricks to extend the longevity of a perfume scent. First, the perfume is recommended as an evening or special event fragrance, which is not necessarily for everyday wear. It is recommended for special occasions, be it a wedding, event or picnic.

In addition, it is recommended to apply the perfume on hydrated skin, in order to allow the scent to blend into the moisturizer or lotion used to further improve the fragrance and longevity thereof. The bottle is usually small with no spray or nozzle cap and should be dabbed on the skin rather than rubbing it when applying.

Must-have classic fragrances

For anyone thinking of the best entry-level fragrance to try that is foolproof and a classic scent that will appeal to everyone, the best fragrance to invest in is Chanel No.5. After being a staple for women for decades, perfume is still one of the most beloved scents to this day. The perfume sells itself, which is explained by the origin story, when Coco Chanel asked Ernest Beaux to create a perfume that smells of women.

Amazon Currently selling the entry-level 3.4 OZ / 100ml bottle at the discounted price of $ 165.00.


Again, each type of perfume meets different needs for the buyer of the bottle. However, it is important to understand the properties and how the makeup of each type of perfume will affect the smell and longevity of using the different types of perfume.

Although, for those who are specifically looking for a long-lasting scent that continues to evolve into perfume throughout the day, due to the activation of each layered note of scent oils in the perfume, it is best to invest in a perfume. This is because the concentration is more oil based, which ensures that it stays on the skin longer.

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