Wedding Perfume – 11 Bridal Perfumes Perfect for the Modern Bride


Breathtaking location? To verify. Classy ivory suit? To verify. Flowers, food and sparkling? Check, check, check! Now for the final touch: finding your wedding perfume.

While the rest of your wedding day preparation may be influenced by your partner and loved ones, your bridal fragrance is the one thing that should 100% reflect your personality and aesthetic. Which means if you’re not usually one to wear a sugary gourmand or white floral scent, don’t worry because there are endless cool-girl options to complement your vibe.

“The best perfume for a bride will be the one that will make her feel good and happy that day. Something very unique that will bring back the memory of the wedding every time she smells it,” says Emmanuelle Moeglin, perfumer and founder of Experimental Perfume Club “For an unexpected wedding scent, woody notes are perfect as they have traditionally been used in the men’s aisle. The leather notes also have a lot of personality and are on the dark side of the fragrance.’

At perfume boutique Les Senteurs, retail brand manager Claire Slaney cites sandalwoods and milky musks as the new must-have fragrance profiles for brides-to-be. Not surprising, considering cashmere-soft skin scents are still a strong fragrance trend.

Ahead, 10 of our must-have wedding scents for the modern bride…

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Here’s the thing about Another 13 by Le Labo: there are fans who admit they can’t quite smell the perfume on themselves, but everyone seems to agree on one thing: this perfume is a magnet. to compliments. Maybe it’s the generous dose of Ambrox, an elegant amber character, or maybe it’s the cocktail of jasmine and moss. Either way, Another 13 will have you smelling divine until the end of the night.

Glossier You is your everyday perfume, will you tell me…? Consider Musc Outreblanc the more glamorous older sister who recently moved to Monte Carlo. It has everything we love about skin scents (clean, uplifting, cozy) but topped off with lush notes of buttery iris, Bulgarian rose and orange blossom absolute. Or as Parfum Delphine Jelk describes it: “a musky floral skin scent that is much less demure than it seems.

There’s no denying the enduring appeal of Chanel No. 5, but if the OG veers a little too much “mother of the bride” for you, try No. 5 L’Eau. It opens with an explosion of effervescent citrus fruits before revealing a heart of jasmine that is more twirling than heady. It’s just as compelling as #5, but there’s a crystalline quality here that feels cooler and airier.

Raw material


If your dream wedding look is Camille Charrière’s risque lace ensemble, then Santal Austral is the perfect accompanying spritz. Master perfumer Aurélien Guichard plays with the spicy facets of sandalwood, giving this fragrance such an addictive side. The sillage is impressive, lingering on the skin for hours.

This is not the case with the sweet old-fashioned Parma violets. Yes, there’s a powdery quality here, but against a backdrop of incense, tobacco leaf and tanned leather, Violet Ends is surprisingly grungy and ready to turn the wedding reception into an all-night rave.

This delightfully warm composition of cardamom and sandalwood comes highly recommended by Claire Slaney, retail brand manager at revered London fragrance boutique Les Senteurs. “It’s bewitching, soft and elegant,” Slaney describes. One for the bride who wears a vintage ivory dress for the special day.


Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume Extract

Francis Kurkdjian House


Gorgeous, gorgeous girls wear Baccarat Rouge 540. But on their wedding day, these gorgeous girls amp it up and splurge for a bottle of Extrait because…why not? That Burnt Strawberry Jam and Money scent is unapologetically jumping down the aisle before you do, which is a vibe we totally agree with. It goes with everything, but we especially like it paired with an ultra-modern satin jumpsuit.


Rose Rhubarb EDP – £98

Experimental Perfume Club

Say “yes” in a lush garden at the height of summer? Have it washed down with a splash of that sparkling rose scent. Far from the dusty flowers of your grandmother’s dressing table (although there is a time and a place for these…), this rosy scent shines brightly with a hint of tangy rhubarb. Infinitely joyful, just how your big day should be.


If the thought of blooming flowers, 5-tier meringue cakes, and those tiny little pearly buttons (who has time?) in the back of a dress is enough to make you burst into beehives, then the ultra-minimalist Tea Cashmere of Dior (or Cachemire Tea) could be the one for you. It smells of fresh linen, created by infusing delicate notes of white tea with the lightest touch of flowers and sweet musk. Clean, smooth and almost soapy, without being astringent.


Devious Extrait de Parfum

Contradictions in ilk


For something a little closer to home, try British perfume brand Contradictions In Ilk. Devious is inspired by “forbidden thoughts that silently roar without a sensor”, which translates here into a cocktail of bitter almond, amaretto and cherry liqueur. A pinch of cardamom and vanilla in the background.

“I’ve had a few women choose Tobak as their wedding scent because it makes them feel sexy,” says perfumer Maya Njie. “It has been described more than once as a ‘sex panther’ scent!” Tobak contains tobacco leaves and woody vetiver while cinnamon and musk (vegan) provide a gentle warmth.

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