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To celebrate Black History Month, two student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire held their annual Black and Multicultural Hair and Skincare Campaign.

According to intern student Saba Seyoum, this is the fourth year that the Black and Multicultural Hair and Skin Care Campaign has taken place at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Two black-led student organizations are teaming up to organize this campaign during Black History Month.

“The campaign is organized by the Association of African Students and the Alliance of Black Students,” said Ana Dolny. Dolny is also an intern student who works in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at UW-Eau Claire.

According to the OMA website, the African Students Association was established in 2012 to represent the African student population on campus. The goal of the Black Student Alliance is to create a welcoming environment for all students, but also to improve the overall experience of African American students on campus.

Throughout February, a donation box was located inside the Multicultural Affairs office in Centennial Hall at UW-Eau Claire.

“We collect black and African owned hair and skin care products,” Seyoum said.

Some of the products that were inside the donation box were Shea Moisture, Cantu and Palmers. Products intended for curly hair were also accepted, but those that were already opened or used were not.

According to Seyoum, the products they receive from the collection are donated to those in need around Eau Claire or to those who cannot always afford these products.

“The products are for students of the African Students Association, Black Students Alliance, Campus Closet or Boys and Girls Club,” Seyoum said.

The African Students Association, Black Students Alliance, and Campus Closet are all UW-Eau Claire organizations. Campus closet is a program where students can find gently used work clothes and now black and multicultural hair and skin care products. According to Campus Closet, they want students to succeed, one way to help them succeed is to provide them with interview clothes.

the Boys and girls club offers young people from the second year to 18 years old various programs based on good academic results or a healthy lifestyle. The Boys and Girls Club mission is to inspire and enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

According to the OMA websitethe drive is a way for those from another culture to access the hair and skin care products they need.

The motivation behind the campaign “is to provide products for black African children to be more comfortable with their hair structure,” Seyoum said.

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