Urban Skin Rx Launches First Skincare Collection For Men – WWD

Urban Skin Rx launches its first collection for men this month, a new adventure of almost 20 years.

The line, launching exclusively at Target on March 6, includes a daily exfoliating face wash and scrub, soothing moisturizer, toning pad and daily dark spot treatment, all formulated with an exclusive blend of niacinamide and aloe. to soothe razor irritation, improve scars caused by ingrown hairs and minimize discoloration. The full kit will launch March 22 on the Urban Skin Rx website.

Founder Rachel Roff has had these formulations and solutions in mind for some time – “I know the combinations, actives and percentages to help further control ingrown hairs and reduce the dark marks and scars that they leave behind,” she said – but her journey with ingrown hair dates back to her first job as a beautician.

His first job was at a now-defunct establishment called Matthew Skin and Laser in Charlotte, North Carolina, which operated the Candela Gentle Yag laser hair removal machine. Roff said the machine is one of the first laser hair removal machines to be “safe for tanned and darker skin types.” She tested the machine on herself and later on a friend and noticed a big difference in the before and after photos she took.

As she set out to expand her customer base, she thought about how men could get the most out of laser hair removal and visited hair salons to market the product and offer discounts for early treatments. .

“Not everyone was willing to have laser hair removal,” she said, explaining that some potential clients had underlying conditions that prevented them from undergoing treatment and that the hair removal didn’t work. on gray or white hair. “I quickly had to learn other treatments and solutions for people who are not candidates. She worked at Matthew Skin and Laser for 6 months before opening her own business, Urban Skin Solutions Medspa, in 2006.

Now, 20 years later, she is once again focusing on men, a category she initially shied away from due to her belief that skincare is based on skin type, not gender. “But I’m also a businesswoman,” she said. “I can’t ignore the fact that men’s wellness and grooming is growing, so I had to do some soul-searching.”

This year is an opportune time for Urban Skin Rx, given the popularization and acceptance of men’s skincare and the growing inclusiveness of black consumers, as well as the growth and distribution of the business.

Roff said his team now has 50 employees and that retail partners like Target, where the men’s line will be available exclusively at 500 doors, are supporting the company. She added that the line won’t launch on their website for six months.

In addition, the brand plans to expand the range of men’s skincare and ingrown solutions for women’s underarms, bikini lines and problem areas. Roff confirmed that Urban Skin Rx’s gross revenue is around $30 million in 2021 and hopes for a minimum increase of 10% in 2022.

As for the new men’s line, Roff said she would be thrilled if the products “achieve $1 million in sales,” but her focus is on brand awareness and on ingrown hairs and blemishes. brown spots for men.

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