Try these hair care tips to help your hair stay healthy during the summer months

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If you take care of your hair, the influx of summer sun should help keep your hair healthy throughout the season. When you’re basking in the sun or styling your hair using extra heat, there are several reasons why your hair might be lacking in moisture. Try these hair care tips from Jamien Lim, Senior Hair Scientist, Dyson to help your hair stay healthy during the summer months.

Protect your scalp: Your hair can give the scalp some protection against UV rays, the melanin inside the cortex absorbs UV rays from the sun to prevent it from reaching the scalp and causing damage such as sunburn . However, any exposed skin is unprotected, such as where your hair is parted. Remember to apply sunscreen to these areas to protect your scalp from UV rays and their effects.

Lighter hair color: Melanin gives your hair its color and protects it from UV damage. However, absorption of UV radiation can break down melanin in the cortex. It makes the hair color lighter (photobleaching), especially in summer. To help protect and maintain the intensity of your natural color, you can apply sunscreen formulated for the hair.

Weaker hair: UV light damages hair proteins, which can weaken hair and therefore break it further. The more time you spend in the sun, the more your hair is damaged. Applying a formulated sunscreen to the hair or a hat can help minimize this damage.

Regular haircuts: Haircuts help keep your hair fresh and healthy. By removing split ends and increasing hair alignment, frizz can be reduced.

Chlorine: Chlorine can react with the hair cuticles, making the surface of your hair rougher. Some pools also use copper algaecides to protect against algae. It can turn blonde and bleached hair slightly green. Therefore, after swimming, we recommend that you wash your hair as soon as possible with a mild shampoo to minimize the risk of damage.

Humid styling: At the hottest times of the year, the air tends to be more humid, which can cause hair to become more frizzy and reduce style retention as high levels of water in the air reset the bonds created during the hairstyle. To reduce frizz, try using a light hair oil to make hair more bouncy. to improve retention, consider setting your style with a higher-hold hairspray.

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