Touchland Glow Mist hand sanitizer doubles as a fragrance

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Before 2020, you probably wouldn’t have thought of hand sanitizer as a beauty product. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have really thought about hand sanitizer. But two years of living in a pandemic – and the dry, scaly hands that have come with it – have given us a reason to reconsider our relationship with this particular personal care product. Come in, the new “it girl” of hand beauty: Touchland Glow Mist Rosewater ($ 16).

Touchland, Glow Mist Rosewater – $ 16.00

Are your hands a cry for help? A spritz of this stuff keeps germs at bay and restores the look and feel of hand skin – something your average hand sanitizer never could.

The cool-kid brand Touchland launched in 2019 with a line of ultra-chic ‘Power Mists’ that, apparently for the very first time, have made sanitizing your hands a luxurious experience. Over the years since, the brand has added dozens of colorful and deliciously scented spritzes to their line-up, all of which leave hands germ-free and smell great without ever feeling sticky or parched. The best part, however, is that unlike most hand sanitizers, they don’t smell like cheap vodka soda – a win in my book, for sure.

This week, Touchland dropped his new “Glow Mist”, further strengthening his status as true beauty brand. The mist smells of rosy scent and offers skin rejuvenating properties, while doing its job of keeping your hands clean.

Like all of the brand’s signature mists, the formula is made up of functional ingredients, like alcohol (to kill germs), aloe (for extra hydration), and radish root ferment (for a extra antimicrobial boost). But in addition to hand cleanliness, this particular mist goes above and beyond to prioritize the hand care- rejuvenate and regenerate dry, thirsty paws with each spray. All this thanks to two exclusive activities: Detoxskin, which works at the cellular level to even out skin tone, eliminate dead cells and protect against annoying blue light, and Vitasource, which stimulates collagen production. The result? Softer, smoother hands that not looks like they’ve been washed 100,000 times since March 2020.

And then, of course, there’s the smell. Rosewater smells deliciously light and clean, and the flowery rose and pink peony at the heart of the fragrance are counterbalanced by notes of fresh berries, black currant buds and sultry musk. There is no trace of rubbing alcohol or synthetic perfume odor – it’s natural, refreshing, and all the more reason to use the product in the first place.

Good at “Glow”? Fill up on this great sanitizer online at the Touchland website or, for the very first time, at I told you it was a beauty product.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn a Well + Good commission.

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