This soothing hair treatment for your scalp is also good for your hair

When shopping for hair care, it’s easy to prioritize ingredients that promote healthy hair, while the scalp is often overlooked. This ignorance can lead to poor hair growth and other problems, says Carol Johnson, a board-certified trichologist (AKA scalp doctor). She runs the Universal Hair and Scalp Clinic in Dublin.

“People neglect their scalp, but unintentionally,” she says. “They can achieve this by washing their hair less and using more dry shampoo, which clogs the pores on the scalp. Less breathing means less healthy scalp and healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

The key to maintaining a healthy scalp and avoiding problems later on includes several factors, including diet, scalp stimulation and, of course, your hair care routine.

3 tips for a healthy scalp

Here’s what Dr. Johnson recommends for a nourished scalp:

  • When washing your hair, keep the water temperature warm, not hot.
  • Nourish yourself from the inside by adopting a balanced diet rich in good fats (omega oils for example).
  • Stimulate the scalp by brushing the hair regularly and using a mask on dry scalps.

Aveno launched its haircare range in Ireland with this in mind, prioritizing a thriving scalp and hair, and we have the scoop on how it goes.

As a brand primarily known for skincare, we’d expect nothing less than the new haircare line’s mantra – beautiful hair starts at the scalp. They designed each product to prioritize a healthy scalp, using nourishing blends of colloidal oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, fresh greens, blackberries and quinoa.

Think skincare for your scalp, but without the hassle of homemade hair masks and the thicker, greasy textures of some shampoos and conditioners.

Within this moisturizing hair care, there are six different targeted ranges, including Add moisture, Clarify and shine, Lightly moisturize, Add volume and thicken, Protect the color and Calm frizz. While each is designed to restore a dry, flaky scalp, they also contain ingredients tailored to work with your specific hair type.

So how does it help your scalp flourish and make your hair shine? We break it down in this easy-to-follow, ingredient-focused guide, showing you how each tackles hair care from the roots.

Colloidal oatmeal and oat milk

One of Aveeno’s best-known ingredients, colloidal oatmeal is just as good for your scalp as it is for your skin. After all, your scalp is the starting point for healthy hair growth and we need to make sure our locks aren’t weighed down with heavy oils and buildup to ensure optimal growth.

“Oats promote healthy environments for the scalp,” says Dr. Johnson. “It helps revive damaged hair and keep the scalp clean by removing excess oil.”

Colloidal oatmeal can help soothe the skin and stop itching and irritation, which is why porridge has been used as a calming agent for centuries.

apple cider vinegar


Many of us have already heard the praises of apple cider vinegar, from homemade hair rinses to tangy salad dressings, and many beauty lovers rave about its benefits for hair and skin.

So how does it work? In short, apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice and, due to its acidic properties, it helps clarify hair, leaving it smooth, soft and shiny – a great option for those with excess oil. or dandruff.

Blackberry & quinoa


Yes, we’re talking about the same quinoa you’d throw in a stir-fry or summer salad. Known to strengthen strands and nourish the scalp, this quinoa-infused blend was designed to improve the appearance of damaged hair.

“Blackberries contribute to healthier hair,” says Dr. Johnson, “which helps keep the scalp hydrated by retaining and sealing moisture into the hair and scalp.”

Infused with blackberry, this shampoo and conditioner helps protect color-treated hair. Plus, it infuses hair with a gorgeous, long-lasting fruity scent.

fresh greens


Fresh green vegetables aren’t just good for your overall health and well-being; they also do wonders for your skin. Aveeno uses a unique infused blend of cucumber water, rosemary oil and peppermint extract to help hydrate and add volume to hair.

The high water content of cucumbers helps with hydration while rosemary oil and peppermint extract keep strands light for a refreshing, weightless feel. It’s a great blend for those with thicker locks or those looking for more volume.

“Fresh greens also have a cooling and soothing effect on the scalp, which is especially helpful for sensitive and easily irritated scalps,” says Dr. Johnson.

Rose water & chamomile


Rose water is known to help restore the health of your skin, which is why it’s often found in face mists, toners, and other beauty products. These same benefits can also be applied to your scalp.

“Rosewater has a softening and soothing effect,” says Dr. Johnson. “Chamomile is gentle on the scalp, especially sensitive and dry scalps, ideal for fine and fragile hair as well.”

This lightweight shampoo and conditioner combo clarifies hair and helps stop excess oil, while soothing and hydrating your scalp. The result? Fine, dry hair is gently hydrated and left feeling soft and light.

Almond Oil Blend


If you have thick, frizzy hair, you probably already know how important hair oils are for calming unruly strands. While many apply after showering, this almond oil-based shampoo and conditioner tackles frizz during the cleansing process.

The rich, nutty nutrient blend in this shampoo and conditioner combo hydrates the scalp and hair, leaving behind a healthy, delicious shine. The best part is that it is not too greasy like other high humidity hair products.

Overall, Aveeno’s new line is packed with nourishing ingredients that tackle dry, brittle hair at the root, leaving your scalp deeply hydrated, dandruff-free and your hair with a healthy shine.

To learn more about Aveeno hair care ingredients, see here. Shop the full range online or in-store at Dunnes, Tesco, Supervalu stores and pharmacies nationwide.

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