This Luxury Skincare Line Will Make You Feel 10 Years Younger For Less

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Considering that more than half of our body is just water, it’s surprisingly difficult to keep skin hydrated. A wide range of factors affect our body’s hydration levels, from UV rays to poor diet to harsh products.

Thus, our skin and our hair oscillate between too dry and too greasy. And while a Goldilocks moisture level is hard to find, it’s not impossible, you just need to know where to look.

Moroccan oil already found a way to keep our hair healthy, nourished and hydrated. Now, thanks to their new body care line, our skin can follow the movement. This exciting line of products will leave you looking, feeling and smell surprising.

The power of argan oil

(Moroccan oil)

Argan oil is an all-natural oil extracted from the nuts of Moroccan argan trees. This precious oil is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds. So, it not only hydrates the skin, but also strengthens and improves it.

Moroccan oil sought to create highly effective moisturizing products using the highest quality argan oil. It manufactures its argan oil by a cold pressing process, which preserves the vitamin and antioxidant properties of the oil.

This full range of body products will hydrate you from head to toe.

Get effective, lightweight hydration all day long with Moroccanoil Body Lotion. The formula is fast-absorbing and feather-light, leaving your skin supple and non-greasy. Its lightweight formula allows you to reapply often without feeling sticky or slimy.

In addition to Argan Oil, Moroccanoil infuses its body lotion with Evening Primrose Oil, Tsubaki Oil, and Aloe Leaf Extract. Plus, it’s paraben and mineral oil free. The six scented lotions hydrate, soothe, protect and strengthen your skin.

This ultra-hydrating body lotion is available in Moroccanoil’s delicious signature scent as well as five new scents (more on that later).

Showers are meant to be relaxing and restorative. But if your water is too hard or too hot, you may be doing your skin more harm than good. Moroccanoil Shower Gel replenishes skin’s moisture levels with its blend of Argan Oil and Glycerin.

Shower gel won’t just make your skin nice; it will help him to see as well. Glycerin is a humectant that helps increase skin elasticity and provides long-lasting hydration. Translation: this shower gel will still work hard on your skin long after you step out of the bath.

Moroccanoil also offers two intensely moisturizing balms including the Body Soufflé. This decadent moisturizing whip absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long. Application is easy – simply apply liberally to damp or dry skin until absorbed.

This Body Soufflé is packed with rich moisturizers, including argan oil, squalane, and macadamia seed oil. Squalane helps coat the skin’s surface, helping it retain long-lasting moisture. Meanwhile, macadamia seed oil is rich in fatty acids, which helps to further strengthen the skin barrier.

Body Soufflé and its counterpart, Body Butter, are both available in Moroccanoil’s irresistible signature scent, Fragrance Originale.

For even more intense hydration, try Moroccanoil Body Butter. Despite its highly concentrated formula, this luxurious body butter leaves no greasy residue. Its argan oil, its three all-natural butters and its two vegetable oils replenish the skin without weighing it down.

Shea, mango and cocoa butters are all rich in fatty acids, helping to increase hydration and strengthen the skin barrier. Olive oil and avocado oil provide powerful antioxidants that strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and restore hydration.

To apply, massage body butter into damp skin, focusing on rough, dry areas. Body Butter can cut through the roughest heels and elbows to reveal soft, touchable skin. Say goodbye to cracked heels and itchy elbows!

Exfoliation is another fantastic way to reveal your smoothest, softest skin, and Moroccanoil takes care of that too. Her body scrub contains argan shell powder and pumice stone to help gently buff away dead skin cells.

Moroccanoil’s six-oil blend ensures your newly exfoliated skin stays hydrated and velvety smooth. Argan, avocado, rice bran, sweet almond, safflower and grapeseed oils moisturize and strengthen the natural defenses of the skin.

This exfoliating body scrub leaves skin looking brighter, softer and smoother. And with no parabens, mineral oils, or sulfates, it’s gentle enough to use every day.

Constant hand washing is great for stopping the spread of germs, but it’s also great for removing moisture from the hands. As a result, the skin is cracked, inflamed and irritated. This luxurious hand cleanser cleans and simultaneously moisturizes.

The soap gets its punch thanks to argan oil, which hydrates the skin, and hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture. It’s gentle enough to use multiple times throughout the day. And it smells and feels so good; you really want.

Smell as good as you feel

Silhouette of two lotion bottles with flowers and perfume elements inside, ocean background
(Moroccan Oil)

In addition to its new range of body products, Moroccan oil is also launching five new fragrances. The fragrances join Fragrance Originale, Moroccanoil’s signature scent. Originale is a warm and spicy blend of amber and sweet flowers.

Ambre Noir also contains amber for a warm, earthy scent. Unlike Fragrance Originale, Ambre Noir adds notes of jasmine and white cardamom. Spa du Maroc takes the heady notes one step further with a blend of blackcurrant absolute, wild patchouli and Zanzibar clove.

Moroccanoil also has light and floral scents. Oud Mineral combines fresh sea salt and smoky cedarwood for a crisp yet woody scent. Likewise, Bergamote Fraiche is a refreshing blend of vibrant bergamot and soothing mint.

And finally, Ambiance de Plage is a floral bouquet with notes of gardenia and grated coconut. The ambrosial scent evokes images of coastal shores and sunny weather. These aromatic scents will leave you smelling as good as your skin feels.

Give your skin what it wants

Two pairs of hands holding Moroccanoil products
(Moroccan oil)

As forgiving as these products are, caring for dry skin shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the few. Dry skin is uncomfortable and, if left untreated, potentially harmful. Everyone deserves to enjoy soft, smooth skin, and Moroccan oil think so too.

The new Moroccanoil body line is natural, luxurious and effective. Moroccanoil’s precious oils, butters and other hydrating ingredients have the power to transform your skin. And since no product in this range exceeds $40, you can enjoy these benefits without emptying your wallet.

There’s a reason we’ve used argan oil for centuries to support healthy skin: That works. Moroccanoil’s Revolutionary Body Care Range refined this rare oil into usable and practical products, but Mother Nature did the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Your dream skin is just a few clicks away.

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