The Skin Care Benefits of Using Beer By-Products in Cosmetics

By Becky Bargh

As next month heralds a dry January, consumers are breaking away from alcohol. But the benefits of beer byproducts is something the beauty industry should embrace. Here, Cosmetics Business discovers how waste from the burgeoning craft beer sector can do more than just give us a good time.

As January rolls around, the annual purge of all that is nice will do the same, after a gourmet Christmas break.

Exercise becomes a top priority, New Year’s resolutions are kept with biblical force, and the inaugural separation from alcohol for 31 days and nights goes into effect.

But as clients cut ties to breastmilk, the New Year may see the beauty industry intensify its relationship with alcohol. Alcohol is considered the antichrist for the skin, hair and teeth. Dehydrating liver poison contributes to aging skin, brittle hair and epidemics, but that hasn’t stopped cosmetic brands from turning to this enemy of the people for inspiration in their products.

The alcohol-inspired beauty has been embraced for dozens of fragrance, skincare, and even sexual wellness launches. Wine-stained lips have even become a fad, thanks to the rising trend of TikTokers.

The centuries-old history, meanwhile, that beer is good for the hair has led some beauty brands to use it as a main ingredient in their products. Gen Z-focused haircare brand …

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