The Perfume Label: 8 Ways to Avoid the Perfume Label

By Rahul Sharma

A spritz or two of a good, appropriate scent can not only elevate your personality, but also enliven your surroundings. However, when it comes to fragrance, how much is too much? Plus, there’s a fine line between a perfume enthusiast and a perfume delinquent, and all it takes is the wrong type of perfume to cross over and make a perfume mistake. The scent you like may not be for everyone.

Your scent speaks before you do, however, simply picking any bottle from the stack isn’t the last step. Dress etiquette has been written about a lot, but all perfume etiquette gets is a summary: don’t overdo it. There is undoubtedly more to the perfume label than just recommending its moderate use. Let’s look at some of the most overlooked perfume wearing tips to avoid getting a bad reputation.

Here are some tips and tricks to up your scent game and maintain a stylish scent label:

1. Choose the right scent

It would help to decide on the appropriate scent to use before you even keep track of the spritzes. Before purchasing, skin test the scent on your body to see how it aligns with your body chemistry, especially your natural scent. What works well for your favorite friend or influencer may not work for you. Find your unique scent.

2. Think about the situation

When and where will you wear the perfume? The scents of the venue and the event must match. At a party, a strong, seductive scent might be perfect, but it won’t suit your workplace. Choose milder scents during the day. When visiting a hospital, attending a baby shower, or attending an interview for the job you want, be discreet or don’t dab. Also in public places, wear sweet perfumes. Remember, perfume is meant to be discovered, not advertised.

3. Say it, don’t spray it?

Spray your perfume in a private place, such as your home, your car or the toilet. Always walk away and spray if you need to touch up your scent in public. Never spray your perfume on public transport or in a restaurant. Not everyone wants to smell like you, even if your scent is good.

4. Avoid wearing expired perfume

After six to twelve months, the composition of even the highest quality perfumes changes. Exquisite notes that have already been opened tend to become harsh or sour over time. Don’t forget to finish the bottles on time. If it’s expired, it’s time to buy a new one.

5. Avoid using it to cover other smells

Perfume is not a magic wand. It cannot remove a strong odor like cigarette smoke or alcohol, although it can temporarily mask it for a while. Even then, the extra spritz of perfume is a freebie. It’s best to let the other scent settle or use soap and water where possible before spraying perfume.

6. Apply remotely

The ideal distance for spraying eau de toilette is 15 cm. Do not concentrate the spray in one place. Apply to pulse points (where you feel the heartbeat), such as below your neck, wrist, behind your ear, or above your elbow. Apply it to the chest or arms under your clothes if you are a man who prefers a mild aroma all day.

7. Stick to your body

Whatever they advise, don’t pour perfume on your clothes. Clothing can be damaged and soiled by perfumes. Instead of your fabric softener, fragrances are designed to respond to your skin chemistry. Do not apply perfume to your hair.

8. Stay in your scent circle

The golden rule of perfumes, “don’t overdo it”, runs parallel to this. At an arm’s length from your body, an olfactory circle can be filled with an average of two spritzes. It is better not to leave an olfactory trace.

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