The Ordinary’s 2022 haircare line now includes sulfate-kissing shampoo and conditioner

Here at the team Seduce, one of our favorite brands is undoubtedly The Ordinary. The budget skincare brand has tons of affordable options that work just as well as more expensive luxury skincare products (Exhibit A: Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, a Seduce The best of beauty- and Readers’ Choice Award Winner).

Now that the brand has dominated the skincare scene, it’s ultimately ready to expand its capillary offer. The Ordinary hair care line now includes a duo in the shower: the 4% sulphate cleansing shampoo for body and hair and 2% Behentrimonium Chloride Conditioner. As the name suggests, the former is formulated with sulfates, a surprising ingredient that may not deserve its dubious reputation.

The Ordinary’s latest haircare launches take a scalp-care approach, much like the brand’s first-ever haircare product – the Multi-Peptide Hair Density Serum, which came out in 2018. Since I have quite a flaky scalp, that was enough to win me over. But what really convinced me to try the shampoo and conditioner duo were their ingredient lists, which are pleasantly short. (Conditioner has only seven ingredients, while shampoo has 11.)

The Ordinary Sulphate 4% Body & Hair Cleansing Shampoo

That being said, the shampoo East infused with sulfates, an eyebrow-raising group of surfactants known to create a rich lather in your products. Yes, sulfates have a bad reputation for causing irritation and stripping pigment from colored hair, but that doesn’t mean you should completely ditch this surprisingly gentle cleanser. According to the cosmetic chemist ginger king, a low concentration of sulfates can actually cleanse your scalp without any problems. “[Shampoos with a concentration of] sulfates at 10% or higher can dry out the hair or scalp, as well as cause discoloration,” she says. At its 4% level, King claims this shampoo is gentle enough to be used by most consumers.

Rita Silva, associate science communications manager at tenth, the parent company of The Ordinary, adds that the brand infuses this shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate, also known as SLES-2, a milder counterpart of the more common sodium lauryl sulfate. Although these two sulfates were found to be “not clean” under Seduce, both experts agree that the low concentration of sodium laureth sulfate in this product should not irritate your skin. That being said, sensitive skin types should test this shampoo before washing their hair with it. “Using a milder surfactant such as SLES-2 is necessary for a shampoo or cleanser because water-insoluble dirt, oil, and buildup cannot be effectively removed by simply rinsing with water. ‘water,’ she said. King also backs this up, stating that sulfate-based shampoos “do a great job cleaning hair” as long as the concentration is low (which, again, it is).

Like other colored hair types, I myself balked at the idea of ​​using a sulfate-infused shampoo, but this new information made me even more eager to try this shampoo – and I was delightfully impressed with the results. This hair wash has a clear gel consistency that you only need a little, but don’t expect a heavy lather. Silva notes that this shampoo has a light, barely there lather in order to contain cleansing sulfates in a non-abrasive concentration. “With this minimalist approach, this formula remains gentle while having the ability to adequately clean hair, skin, and scalp,” she says.

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