The new fragrance from this great fashion house is designed to smell like Dublin in the rain

With its Replica series of fragrances, French fashion house Maison Margiela creates fragrances designed to target your olfactory imagination and bring you to a particular time or place. The Lazy Sunday Morning fragrance, tagged as provenance and time period Florence 2003, is designed to smell like “soft skin and bed linen”. Music Festival, on the other hand, has hints of patchouli and “fresh buds” and is set in Woodstock, 1969. There’s also Beach Walk, which smells like “sun-kissed, salty skin,” located in Calvi, in 1972, the impeccable Bubble Bath, located in Beverly Hills, 2005, the unctuous Coffee Break, located in Stockholm, 2007, the fresh Sailing Day located in Paros, 2001 and all kinds of poetic reproductions of perfumes and places familiar, from By The Fireplace to Jazz Club to Whispers in the Library.

The final location and period to become a fragrance in the series is When The Rain Stops, which aims to capture Dublin in 1967, or more precisely, “the memory of the sensations associated with the moments following a downpour on a beautiful spring day. “.

Maison Margiela Replica When the rain stops, 30 ml, €56

It’s a clean floral and woodsy scent, with rose petals, pine needles and bergamot – think the fresh, damp scent of Flower-Stall-On-Grafton-Street-After-Rain but a bit more woodsy . It’s a rich aroma, as Maison Margiela puts it, “of a walk in the open air — specifically, one of Ireland’s many lakeside regions — just as the rain stops falling.” The air is filled with the scent of marshes, salt spray from the nearby ocean, even a bit of asphalt from a country road in the distance.

Perfumer Fanny Bal is the creator of new fragrance and last year’s scent Autumn Vibes, and When The Rain Stops aims to bring a springtime reimagining to this soggy forest scent for those seeking fresh air after a long run. of containment.

“I wanted to recall this precise moment when the sound of the rain fades to give way to a soft light filtered by the branches of the surrounding conifers and the mist”, explains Bal. “The warm smells of damp wood and fresh flowers moistened by the rain offer us their most beautiful facets. When The Rain Stops celebrates a communion with the elements of nature: earth, water and wind. It is an optimistic perfume: there is always good weather after the rain.

The fashion house describes the scent like this;

“When the rain stops, the sky clears up. Clouds disappear, giving way to bright, warm rays of sunshine. The landscape is dotted with muddy puddles. The air is filled with the invigorating scent of a spring shower. Raindrops drip from tree leaves. The dark and cold days of winter are finally behind us. It’s time to reconnect with nature.

If you’re curious to take a puff, Maison Margiela Replica When the Rain Stops, 30ml, €56 or 100ml, €113, is available now online and in store at Brown Thomas and Arnotts.

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