The Femina team shares their favorite hair care products

Hair care can be as subjective as versatile hair can be. Just as no two people’s skin is (exactly) the same, no two people share identical hair. So it’s obvious that hair care routines…and preferred products should differ from person to person. As the go-to person for all things beauty at Femina, I can share my opinions and discuss various topics and products with you. However, I was super curious about the products, the rest of my team swears by. Today, I reveal to you the favorite hair products of the Femina team!

Kerastase 8H Night Magic Serum

My hair is fine and frizzy, so it’s a nightmare in general, so I don’t say that lightly when I say this serum is real magic. I’ve used it at least three times a week before bed and always wake up to smoother, more manageable hair. I also use it during the day when I have to go out and my freshly washed hair looks like a frizzy mess. This leave-in serum tames them and also smells great!

– Kashika Saxena, digital editor

I love Nashi Argan shampoo and conditioner. I have wavy and frizzy hair and it really helps tame my frizz and leaves it silky smooth, it’s also incredibly gentle on the scalp since I have sensitive skin.

– Krishna Mukhi, Fashion Editor

I can say that my life has changed with the leave-in conditioner. I always thought conditioner just weighed my hair down and made it limp. But it’s all about finding the right one and using it right! Plus, the leave-in conditioner provides the extra dose of moisture my hair needs.

– Kalwyna Rathod, Junior Features Writer

I started having a lot of hair loss (what can I say, the 30s aren’t too kind to women), and the fact that my hair was getting curlier and curlier by the minute didn’t help not a lot. After putting my hair through many, many shampoos, I tried FCL Strengthening Shampoo on the recommendation of a friend, and it was a game changer. It is gentle on the hair and leaves my scalp perfectly clean. And that I notice less strands in the bathroom drain is just a bonus.

– Ashwini Arun Kumar, Fashion Features Writer


Bringadi Kama Oil

My friend introduced me to an oil which is a great solution for hair loss. Due to pregnancy and childbirth, I started losing a significant amount of hair at an alarming rate. I experimented with a few products on the market but I was not convinced. Eventually, I opted for Kama Bringadi oil, which my friend had already tried and tested. There was no harm in giving it a shot, and it worked. Within three weeks of following the instructions, I noticed new hair growth. On a Sunday, a relaxing hot oil head massage relieves stress, and so the oil doubles as a stress reliever!

– Kayal Arivalan, editor-in-chief


If I have to choose one product that my hair has been loving lately, I’d be hard pressed to choose between the cult Moroccan Oil Treatment and Daughter Earth’s shampoo and conditioner duo. Having an oily scalp and dry locks (more than a desert) can be a painful combination to maintain. Luckily – after trying so many serums – I found the Moroccan Oil Treatment, which doesn’t weigh down or flatten my mane but adds volume, shine, softness and… an indulgent scent to my hair. It’s so good – I use it as a serum on damp hair and as a tamer elixir on dry hair too.

– Ria Bhatia, Junior Beauty Editor

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