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The Willis sisters appear as heavenly muses on earth, born with striking beauty transmitted through Hollywood genetics and possessing an air of bohemian sensibility. Tallulah Willis, the youngest of 27, continues to inspire others to be themselves and come to terms with their flaws through her candid social media revelations.

She often posts articles about her mental health issues, her self-acceptance, and periodic updates on her skincare journey and how she cleared her acne. In her most recent article, she credits her dream team of esthetician, nurse practitioner, MZ Skin Care and iS Clinical with her four-month transformation.

Here she takes a minute to share with NewBeauty the details of her skin and makeup routine, and why her generation is leading the way in becoming more honest and transparent than anyone before them.

“My journey has been the one I talked about in the hope that it even helps one person. We all have our ups and downs and doing the work to really understand myself has been very humbling. Although we humans are hard on ourselves, we have to come to terms with even the parts that we don’t like. I have learned to be gentle and kind to myself because I am constantly evolving.

Your generation seems to be more open and tolerant than previous generations, why do you think this is the case?

“I think the world has allowed humans to be human. My generation created more acceptance and less judgment. With the way the world is, it’s important to stand up for what we believe in and support each other. “

What are your beauty and style inspirations?

“I have so many, but a few that stand out are Kevyn Aucoin and his vision. Style wise, I love 70s toddlers and I’m very glamorous in the late 90s too.

What makeup products do you not swear by?

“Girl’s ritual, a highlighter from Becca and a 90s Stila lip and cheek compact from my mom’s makeup bag. Oh, and I still need a great hair clip.

You’ve really cleared up your skin as you showed in your recent Instagram post. What does your daily skin care routine look like?

“I’m a huge fan of the Korean beauty philosophy of double cleansing, and I find it so much gentler on my skin than using makeup wipes to remove makeup. I am obsessed with this clean beauty brand, Aloisia Beauty, and especially their Double Cleansers and their magical GLOW Gentle Exfoliant Scrub, which I use on my face and all over my body to exfoliate a few times a week.

We don’t talk as much about mental health as it should. What are some things that are helping you get through a tough time?

“Breathe, meditate, be around people who make my soul happy, love my dogs, keep a journal and take a bath whenever I can. “

We loved your recent Andie Swimwear photoshoot with your mom and sisters. You are all breathtaking. How was it on set that day?

“We are a family and we love each other so it was such a fun day working together.”

What is your typical personal care day like?

“Get eight hours of sleep, drink tons of water, go for a walk, be creative through work or my art, skin care and sleep. A perfect day is all about being off my phone and cuddling my puppies. “

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