Summer Hair Care Tips | Avoid these mistakes when shampooing your hair

Many of us complain about hair loss and frizzy hair; we also face issues with thin, non-shiny dull hair, especially in hot and humid weather. Although hair-related issues are present in all weathers, it’s the shampoo technique that counts, not the weather. Seasons and weather have an impact on our skin and hair; there are mistakes we make when shampooing our hair that cause concern.Also Read – Avoid These 7 Hair Loss Mistakes During Summer

Arthi Raguram, Founder, Deyga Organics shares some mistakes that we should avoid during summers when shampooing, because due to excessive sweating and oil secretion, there are also various scalp-related issues that need to be taken care of; it has to be the right proportion and technique for those beautiful hair days, despite the season. Read also – How to dry your hair at home like a pro? Shahnaz Husain shares tips

  • Not choosing a shampoo based on your scalp and hair type

You have to choose the right combination. If our scalp is oily, we need cleansers, and if we have a dry scalp, we need protein-rich hair products. In addition, we must choose the type of hair when selecting products. For example, curly and wavy hair require different formulations compared to straight hair types. So choose the right product before application. Read also – Hair care tips: are you struggling with hair loss? Try These Effective Ayurvedic Remedies Today | look

  • Not washing your hair properly

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to wash your hair, it is better to avoid washing it; and use a dry shampoo instead, but sparingly. When you wash your hair in a hurry, you rinse it so hard and so fast that you end up breaking it. So, wash them with patience, and delicately so that they don’t break.

  • Not including oils in your hair care regimen

Oiling is very important to nourish your hair. Applying oil to your hair and gently massaging it in with your fingertips is essential for hair growth and protection.

  • Dry shampoo is not the solution every time

Dry shampoos are a great invention for greasy scalpers and for workaholics who may have to rush out for an urgent business meeting. These shampoos are good for emergencies as they give a touch of freshness and fragrance to the hair, but not a permanent solution. They can damage the hair in the long run.

  • Not using the correct water temperature

Water temperature is one of the essential aspects of hair washing. Too much cold or too hot water can have a direct impact on hair shafts, making them dry, dull and brittle.

  • Do not use the different hair towels

Most of us make the mistake of using the same towel for our body and our hair, which we shouldn’t. Our hair needs special microfiber towels, compared to regular body towels. In addition, these special towels are very gentle on the hair, leaving it soft and without breakage.

  • Do not air dry your hair after shampooing

It’s not just the shampoo technique, before and after care is just as important. Unless it’s necessary or you’re preparing for a special event, the hair drying process should be natural, which means air drying, rather than using a hair dryer every time.

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