State of the Professional Beauty Channel: Seven Hair Care Marketing Trends for 2022

The professional hair care market is brimming with opportunity for summer 2022 and beyond, according to Celeste Figueroa, Global Marketing Director, Biotop Professional, Houston, TX. Here are seven trends to watch in the living room category right now.

Trend #1: Scalp Care

Scalp treatments were once considered an indulgent spa experience. But today, it’s one of the fastest growing wellness categories, especially among younger consumers who care about the environment and its impact on their skin from head to toe. . Biotop Professional’s specialized pH-balancing leave-in shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums and treatments have always cared for the scalp and hair with formulas rich in superfoods like quinoa extract, keratin, as well as the moisturizing and protective sunflower seed oil and argan. Oil to rejuvenate, moisturize and protect hair and scalp, and prepare hair for professional salon services.

Trend #2: Instant Gratification

Consumers demand instant gratification, with benefits they can see and feel right away. As a result, the importance of fast salon treatments that create instant results, delight customers, and encourage purchase to continue results between salon visits continues to grow. Biotop Professional 911 Quinoa Rinseable Oil Treatment and Single Dose Treatment Ampoules are pH balancing, conditioner and conditioner rinse-out oil treatments formulated to rejuvenate all hair types, especially dry, dull or damaged hair, by only 5 to 10 minutes. This powerful treatment helps strengthen hair, seal the cuticle and lock in moisture for added shine. Available in a 30ml bottle or box of individual treatment ampoules, this rejuvenating hair oil contains Biotop Professional’s signature quinoa extract, a complete protein powered by 9 amino acids most similar to those found in human hair. The results are long-lasting, making it a real salon and home treatment.

Trend #3: Hair & Scalp Care Formulas Packed With Superfoods

We feed our bodies internally with superfoods to be as healthy and efficient as possible. At Biotop, we believe that applying these same superfoods topically nourishes, hydrates and strengthens our scalp and hair. Plus, it also supports trend #2, as modern superfood products and treatments work faster. For example, Biotop’s 911 series contains superfood quinoa extract, a complete protein powered by 9 amino acids that closely resemble those found in human hair. Because quinoa protein penetrates and binds to hair, results for healthy hair are long lasting.

More and more beauty consumers are going natural with gray hair.

Trend #4: Cool Shades

The emergence of gray, cool blonde, platinum, silver, white and highlighted hair, whether natural or colored. A big trend that will only continue to grow is the popularity of silver, gray, steel blonde or platinum hair, whether natural or colored. The trend to grow out your grays started before the pandemic, then accelerated as salons closed and women reassessed their lives, including their beauty routines. Biotop’s 19 Pro Silver collection, which includes shampoo, mask and oil, helps eliminate brassiness, frizz and flyaways, while keeping strands toned. In March and April we sampled a lot via social media giving away a free 19 Pro Silver Oil with every $100 purchase on our website.

Trend #5: Everyday Wearable Treatments

Summer is the perfect time of year to try new lightweight hair serums with multiple benefits. Biotop Professional’s 911 Quinoa Serum for Fine Hair and 007 Keratin Serum for Thick or Damaged Hair help nourish hair, protect against heat and control split ends, while adding moisture and shine. Another best seller, our 007 Keratin Silky Touch is a light hold styling gel-cream that helps soften, smooth, repair damage and split ends, while reducing frizz and flyaways and adding flyaway control. styling, leaving hair silky and shiny.

Hair care 911 calls for a quinoa treatment!

Trend #6: When stylists and consumers try on, they buy!

That’s why Biotop Professional offers generous samples of our most popular products. We provide them to our distributors and their distributor salon consultants to help them open new doors. We also offer frequent sampling campaigns on our social media, website and email directly to consumers to drive them to our partner salons to purchase our products. We are building a team of professional salon and end-consumer influencers to use our products, then sharing the results through compelling content and testimonials to raise awareness of products, trials and future demand.

Trend 7 It’s all about the treatment experience

It is no longer enough to offer an effective product. Today’s consumers demand products that create an effective and memorable experience in the salon and at home. This way hair and scalp care follow what customers have already loved in skin care. Consumers want a multi-step treatment ritual similar to how they receive in the salon and practice their skin care at home. For this, Biotop offers a complete set of real treatment steps designed to heal, hydrate, repair, add shine, etc. The products work in conjunction with each other from start to finish to create healthy results. After all, hair care and scalp care is personal care.

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