Smell This: the most original perfumes

The fragrance has unwittingly gained a new spotlight lately due to anosmia and similar smell issues caused by COVID. But the silver lining of our precious sense threatened by viral infection is a new appreciation of its divine potential, as evidenced by the boom in fragrance sales over the past year, with retail sales figures reaching 45%.

Aside from consumers buying more fragrances, some are also bolder. “There’s something in the air right now, and it’s not just vine tomato candles: increasingly eclectic scents, from the uplifting to the downright bizarre, have been making their way in perfumes and candles. Is this a consequence of being so hungry for smells, so downright bored during the pandemic? An increased desire that the things we buy provide us with experiences beyond mere pleasure? asks journalist Imogen West-Knights in a recent Guardian article.

For most brand owners, selling perfume is selling a story, so the more fantastic the narrative origin, the more likely it is to grab a consumer’s attention amid the constant onslaught of new releases. In honor of these olfactory rebels, BeautyMatter has brought together the most eclectic fragrances.

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