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The best foundation you can wear is healthy, radiant skin. “Skinvestment” means knowing our skin and our hair and understanding their requirements. Our skin is an interface between the body and the environment, and it is crucial to take care of it in the right way. Many skin problems can be deeply rooted. it is therefore essential to identify them, take corrective measures and manage them properly.

Neo Skin Aesthetics clinic is one of the leading aesthetic and cosmetic clinics in Mumbai. They are committed to providing the best dermatological treatments for skin care and many cosmetic problems using modern laser therapy and other advanced technological procedures.

The long experience of the clinic’s specialists helps to understand the cosmetic concerns and needs of patients. Based on two-way communication with the patient, a plan for improvement and selection of the appropriate procedure is standard. The method of rejuvenation is non-invasive, such as laser therapy or modern advanced technological solutions. Dehydrated dry skin, dull skin, face and neck wrinkles are smoothed thanks to skin boosters. Personal care and attentiveness in understanding patients are hallmarks of the clinic.

Suppose you are getting married soon and crave that natural pre-wedding glow, Neo Skin Aesthetics Clinic has a unique style with a diverse range of dermal fillers that will restore a younger look and leave everyone amazed. If a person is unhappy with their jawline and desires a more feminine look, a personalized dermal filler approach is prepared. The allure of the distinctive methods used by clinic professionals lasts for months.

The clinic founded by Dr. Narmada Matang, who has more than 20 years of experience in dermatology and cosmetology, aims to provide world-class dermatological care and to offer rejuvenating cosmetic procedures in a cost-effective manner to all patients. In a short span of 8 years, the clinic has treated over 4,000 patients and successfully performed over 10,000 procedures.

Aiming to provide dedicated and exemplary skin treatment to patients in Mumbai, Dr. Matang recently added another Neo Skin clinic in Powai to restore and energize appearance with safe and effective skin care.

Led by a team of knowledgeable, empathetic and knowledgeable medical professionals and therapists led by Dr. Narmada Matang, Neo Skin Aesthetic Clinic focuses on providing comprehensive consultations, holistic treatment and patient satisfaction with the best experience.

Dr. Narmada Matang, a dermatology graduate, pursued her interest and trained in the United States and Europe. Her recognition and eminence in the profession led her to become a key member of the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare). In her association with the previous organization, she played various leadership roles and set high standards on the safety and quality of various cosmetic procedures. She has also contributed to the development of new pigmentation and anti-aging services.

She is a Certified International Trainer in Minimally Invasive Techniques and Procedures for Facial Rejuvenation and Follicular Hair Transplantation. She has also trained over two hundred fellow dermatologists in various cosmetic procedures for facial enhancement and hair restoration in India and abroad. As a panel member of the Scientific Committee, she has been actively involved in publishing online information on cosmetic dermatology and has presented and published her work in various national and international forums.

In 2013, she launched her own “Neo Skin Aesthetic Clinic” to offer various skin, hair and body treatments. The clinic has the latest advanced and FDA-approved technologies to address skin concerns, anti-aging and hair treatments with effective and personalized solutions to harmonize and enhance natural beauty with advanced and safe techniques. She currently practices at Hiranandani Gardens Powai, Mumbai.

She is the author of a book called “How to Look Like a Million Dollars”, published in 2015. The book addresses skin and hair issues to help understand the best procedures. She also contributed chapters in “Textbook Of Cosmetic Dermatology”, published in IADVL in January 2016 and a chapter in “Complications in Cosmetic Dermatology Crafting Cures”, published in April 2017 with some international publications.

She received the Women Achiever Award in 2016 for Excellence in Health and Beauty due to her commitment and mission to provide exceptional skin care to patients.

Services offered at the clinic:

Treating thousands of skin patients Neo Aesthetics Skin Clinic is one of the leading centers for the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The clinic’s experts employ modern procedures that include

Reduction of acne and scars: Acne and scars are one of the common problems encountered. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments such as derma roller, PRP, chemical peels, subcision, dermal fillers and CO2 laser resurfacing. Last SVF treatment for scar and rejuvenation

Anti-Aging Therapies include toxin, dermal fillers, threads and Ultherapy TM to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. If a person has a profession where they have to use a lot of their facial muscles, wrinkles appear on the face, neck line or if a person is unhappy with their jawline and wants a more feminine jawline to manage them, fillers are used. .

Plan a personalized treatment for warts, skin tags and mole removal

Skin Tightening and Brightening Treatments: various options are available to achieve skin lightening results, such as chemical peeling and laser, depending on individual needs. They have now introduced the latest touchless facials which are an elaborate skin rejuvenation treatment combining various steps to address skin tone and texture issues under luxury facials.

Treatment of stretch marks with CO2 laser, mesotherapy and radiofrequency. PRP

Treatment of dark circles and bags under the eyes using chemical peels, laser Skin fillers

Tattoo removalI using a non-invasive laser device

Hair loss: Prevention and treatment include mesotherapy with low level laser light therapy and PRP. and hair transplant

Other new treatments launched at the clinic include

• Filling in thin eyebrows to make them fuller, this is called microblading

Your skin has a good memory. The way you treat it now will eventually show up in 20-30 years. So, follow the advice of the experts at Neo Skin Aesthetics Clinic.

The clinic is located at 170, First Floor and 410, 4th Floor, B Wing, Above ICICI Bank, Galleria Mall, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai Mumbai, 400076.

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