Skin care brands are now launching hair products


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  • Skin and hair care are no longer separate categories in beauty these days.
  • Many skin care companies use what they know about product development and ingredient formulation to meet the needs of the hair.
  • Brands like Sunday Riley, The Inkey List, Drunk Elephant and many more have launched hair products.

When it comes to beauty, many brands strategically choose where to focus, whether it’s skin, hair, makeup, nails, or perfume. In most cases, the company spends years perfecting how to make the best product for every need – a potent pimple cream, a hydrating conditioner, a plumping lip gloss, the works – in the time it takes. and efforts to make its products stand out in this respect. Region. Recently, however, that notion has been overturned as more and more skin care brands have decided to enter the hair space.

From The Inkey List and Drunk Elephant to, more recently, Augustinus Bader and Dr Barbara Sturm, these old skin care brands have created new products that are just right for your hair. But the big question is: do we as consumers trust skin care brands in another area of ​​expertise?

But the big question is, as consumers, do we trust skin care brands in another area of ​​expertise?

In many ways, expanding into this space makes sense. More and more consumers are realizing that every inch of your skin deserves the same attention and the same high-quality ingredients as your face, even if it is the skin on the top of your head. While your scalp often takes a back seat when it comes to skin care, experts agree that it should be treated the same. Dust, dirt, grime, and product buildup on the scalp can negatively affect the health of your hair in the same way your skin does, meaning it needs the same kind of hair. Warning. If not cared for properly, scalp issues like flaking and itching, as well as clogged follicles and pimple formation, can occur as they would on the face.

Additionally, the increase in hair care sales has exploded in recent years, and more so during the novel coronavirus pandemic. With the closure of many hair salons, people were forced to take care of their hair at home. Aside from the pandemic, sales have increased largely due to the demand for natural and organic ingredients in hair products. Consumers have realized that it is just as important to take care of all their skin, not just the skin on their face. Overall, the skin care brands that have burst into the hair space are using their knowledge of product development, skin issues, and ingredient formulation to meet the needs of the hair. Taking care of your hair is just one small way to show your body the love it deserves.

Check out some of our favorite brands making the jump below.

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