Scarlett Johansson’s skincare brand The Outset makes its debut at Sephora

The beginningthe skincare line co-founded by Scarlett Johansson, has signed its first retail partnership.

The brand hits all of Sephora’s U.S. doors on Tuesday, as well as the retailer’s website. Prices range from $32 to $54, and the line includes a micellar cleanser, vegan collagen serum, squalane moisturizer, niacinamide night cream, and vitamin C eye cream.

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The Outset was inspired by French pharmacy staples, and its value proposition is meant to be independent of its co-founder’s fame.

“We see ourselves as an independent brand with super power, as opposed to a ‘celebrity brand,'” said Kate Foster Lengyel, co-founder and chief executive of the brand, who informed the decision to launch the brand directly. on its own website. “We’re really looking to get data and take it one step at a time. But we think there’s potential, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the brand.

Consumers vary by gender and generation, although Foster Lengyel said between 25 and 45 is The Outset’s sweet spot. Star power aside, what attracts customers is its versatile nature.

“We were trying to go back to basics with this perfect white skincare T, because there are so many actives there,” Foster Lengyel says. “That’s what this consumer was missing, and it seemed like an opportunity in the Sephora wallet, that daily skin care foundation that can work with any other product on the market.

Although beauty saw a wave of celebrities come in, Foster Lengyel said the saturation created a need for hassle-free products. “It’s undeniable that there’s a ton of pull going on in stardom beauty,” she says. “It also feels like noise. That clutter is really where our opportunity lies, to create a brand that is really about cutting back and getting back to basics.

Johansson echoed in an email, “What we’ve offered from the start is what we’ve heard the consumer is missing from their routines: a line of clean, non-irritating essentials that are the daily foundation of a beautiful skin.”

It was this philosophy that attracted Sephora. “We are always looking to simplify skincare for the US market, because if you look at Asia, the US is not a very advanced market in terms of skincare usage or knowledge. So when we have a brand that makes skincare simple, where the founder is willing to tell the story, it’s compelling,” said Priya Venkateshsenior vice president of skin and hair care merchandising at Sephora.

Although Sephora has several celebrity-founded brands, such as Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Gwen Stefani’s Gxve Beauty and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Venkatesh pointed out that one big name isn’t enough to win shelf space.

“There are many celebrity brands, and for 10 we take maybe two or three,” she added. “It’s not like we’re launching these brands because they’re celebrity brands…the first thing we look for is if the product is disruptive, premium, innovative and will surprise our customer by as an unnamed standalone product.”

Foster Lengyel declined to comment on sales, although industry sources expect the brand to reach $10 million at retail in its first year on the market.

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