Ranveer Singh has a strict hair care routine to ensure good quality

Ranveer Singh Hair Care Routine

As eccentric as Ranveer Singh may be, no one can deny that when it comes to his hair and beard, the actor is a force to be reckoned with. There are only a few actors who would go out in public with double ponytails but Ranveer has no such qualms! With a lot of self-confidence on his side, Ranveer is shameless himself and we totally love his style.

Granted, her signature quirky look might not be for a lot of people, but we can all agree that when it comes to hair, man kills it in every way. As healthy as her mane looks, it’s no secret that actors use tons of styling products that can strain your hair in the long run.

But, as far as Ranveer is concerned, the damaged hair seems to have left the cat. Whether it’s his neatly groomed beard or long, shiny hair, Ranveer has certainly mastered the art of flawless nail hair care routine. You are wondering how you can achieve this too, the answer may be easier than you expected!

Her personal stylist Darshan Yewalekar, director of DShave Barbershop, has previously spoken to a leading magazine to decode Ranveer’s secret to healthy hair. He mentioned that while Ranveer is blessed with natural volume, the everyday styling does a lot of damage that needs to be dealt with early on.

In order to ensure that the quality of her hair does not deteriorate, Ranveer makes it a point to use a good quality daily shampoo that is suitable for her scalp and an accompanying conditioner if needed. But it’s not that ! There is another secret to good hair and that lies in oiling. Speaking to GQ, Yewalekar said, “It helps maintain your pH balance and strengthen your hair. Try to do this at night because you don’t want outside dust and pollution to stick to your hair. . ”

According to the expert, oiling your hair once a week will do wonders for your hair and make it look and feel much better.

But if his beard is what you desire, then it comes with its own rules. For men, beard oil and shampoo should be your holy grail. Just like Ranveer Singh, pamper your facial hair with frequent trimming and a little much-needed love using a specific beard shampoo and oil. The brand of course depends on the growth of your hair and your skin type to avoid allergy.

What do you think of Ranveer’s simple yet effective hair care tips? Let us know.

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