Presentation of the perfume brand, Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden



Take a journey into the fluid and natural olfactory world of Urania’s Children & the Heavenly Garden as founder Winder Ton releases three contemporary scents.

When it comes to scents, it has been difficult until now to find a unique scent unlike any other lining the shiny shelves of department stores. Filled with natural accents and formulas based on essential oils, discover what is sure to be your new favorite perfume brand: Urania’s Children & the Heavenly Garden.

With a philosophy based on the celestial constellation and essential oil bases, the gender fluid range of perfumes is a thing to see. Seeking to create a deeply personal fragrance line, founder Winder Ton, RD MSc, went through an arduous period of research and work in order to give birth to his three most recent luxury fragrances: Queer Magic, Lance and Mandorla , all aphrodisiacs. Properties. Possessing a malleable quality, the three sensual scents permeate the skin of users in the hope of molding themselves on them, resulting in a truly bespoke fragrance experience.

“My individuality is a big part of who I am,” says Winder. “This led me to create this brand. To me, this affirms a place where the marginalized are not only represented but celebrated: no checkboxes, no labels to wear, just limitless creativity, ethereal design and unassuming freshness. There are countless beautiful misfits out there, discovering their own uniqueness. The reinvention of fine perfumery begins in the heavenly garden, where creation is limitless, self-expression is untamed and joyful freedom triumphs.


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