Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raise serious questions about Quaxly’s hair care

A recent press release from The Pokemon Company has us wondering what exactly is going on in the franchise’s new region. Yesterday The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, an all-new pair of Pokemon games set in an all-new region inspired by Spain and Portugal. While all the fans were focused on the “hot” new teacher pair and internet fan favorite Lechonk, The Pokemon Company also released some new info on the trio of Starter Pokemon seen in the first trailer. . The new description of the Water-type Starter Pokémon Quaxly raises some disturbing questions about the duck Pokémon’s biology and tendencies.

The official description for Quaxly notes that the Pokemon secretes a gel from its feathers and skin that helps repel water. It’s a reference to the smooth gland, an organ found on real ducks that secretes an oil that ducks use to keep their feathers waterproof. However, The Pokemon Company also reveals that Quaxly uses a separate type of product, a “rich, moist cream” to keep the coif on its slicked back head. When Quaxly does not use this cream on her head, her head feathers become neglected. Oddly enough, the official description for Quaxly doesn’t specify where the Wild Duck Hair Cream came from.

Frankly, the official description of Quaxly has us asking some very tough questions about the new Pokemon and bigger questions about the region as a whole. Either Quaxly has found some kind of natural way to collect hair cream strong enough to hold its feathers while it swims through rivers and lakes, or the Pokemon has developed a natural behavior of walking into a local Poke Mart and buy or run away with hair product, which locals also seem to agree with. Personally, we’re looking at the new Pokemon Smoliv, which apparently squirts oil from the tip of its head as a defense mechanism. Maybe Quaxly takes some Smoliv oil and mixes it with other ingredients to get a nice ointment.

Be sure to let us know where you think Quaxly got their hair care routine from in the comments section below (and keep it PG, it’s a kids franchise!) Hopefully we get the answer to this and many other questions when Pokemon scarlet and violet releases November 18.

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