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BrightSign, LLC®, the global market leader in digital signage media players, has announced that BrightSign readers are powering an interactive scent display at House of Rituals, Rituals’ new flagship store on Kalverstraat, Amsterdam. To launch the Talisman fragrance collection, a new market for House of Rituals, and to mark the brand’s 20th anniversary, Dutch audiovisual company First Impression has built an innovative fragrance display controlled by the players at BrightSign. Once a scent is selected based on customer input on an iPad, an LED light under the bottle is turned on. If the customer collects the glass pipette from the perfume bottle, a video is played describing the perfume. Fully personalized skin around BrightSign readers allows them to interact smoothly with iPads, and the app provides valuable marketing data that Rituals can act on.

Menno Huizinga, Senior Solutions Architect at First Impression, added, “First Impression was invited to the project to explore how audiovisual technology could enhance the brand experience and showcase the store’s fragrance line. The result is an interactive lab where customers can try Rituals products, providing data the brand can respond to. Time and effort wasted on technical issues has been a key point of anxiety in digital displays, but the reliability of BrightSign readers has been invaluable in providing an immersive, professional, and highly stable olfactory showcase.

Commenting on the display, Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign, said, “We are delighted to bring such an innovative and customer-centric solution to Rituals. One of the key concepts of the experience store was to start selling perfumes, and Rituals wanted to enter that market in a very creative way. We’re excited to help them achieve this with a memorable and reliable display in the flagship store.

Customers can select a Rituals scent based on their preferred scent from an AV screen that links Rituals scent profiles to two databases. The customer is prompted to first enter their favorite scent on an iPad, and the system automatically finds the scent closest to the Rituals range. Another quiz invites customers to enter the basic ingredients they like (e.g .: white tea and blond sandalwood) and the app illuminates LED lights under all the perfume bottles lined up with that scent – reducing it to three possibilities a customer can then sample and buy.

Two BrightSign HD1024 readers control the function lighting. Through this, BrightSign players activate the LED strips under the bottles to draw customers’ attention to the scents selected by the app.

Additionally, First Impression gave House of Rituals a flexible and easy-to-access approach to managing their in-store brand experience through BrightSign’s BrightAuthor Connected and a custom store control app. With a single click, the content shown on the screens can be changed for the new season or for holidays, such as Christmas.

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