Pheromone Perfumes, Liquid Blushes and More

As the world continues to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions on masks have eased, consumers are currently abuzz to get rosy cheeks, voluminous hair and pheromone scents – scents intended to emit alluring vibes – this summer, according to the Beauty Trend Tracker Series.

liquid blush

The rosy cheeks achieved with liquid blush are currently experiencing positive search growth. According to Spate, there are 14,100 searches on average each month in the United States for liquid blush, which is an average volume compared to other searches for blush products. It has grown 35.7% in searches since last year with strong competition and eight market leaders. The leading brands by volume are Nars, Physician’s Formula and Milani Cosmetics.

Blushes are driving the biggest increase in searches in the face makeup category (up around 90,000 searches), and liquid blusher is an innovative format that offers a wealth of advantages. Easy to apply, the liquid blush is multi-use for lips and cheeks, and is richly pigmented to leave a sheer hint of color that blends seamlessly into skin. Related searches include terms such as: cheek, lip, best, pharmacy, dew, glowing, sample, and review. The most sought-after colors alongside this trend include nude, pink, and rose gold.

Similar to skincare trends, consumers continue to seek the look of luminous, internally-lit skin, as evidenced by searches for “dewy” and “glowing” alongside this trend. tendency. Color brands should take note of the continued skinification of the makeup category and evaluate ways to incorporate skincare benefits into other growing products such as foundation, which is seeing an increase of 27 400 searches. Brands can also consider applying liquid formats to other products such as eye shadow and brow products to deliver a similar look with a lasting effect.

Thick hair

Thick hair is the name of the hair game when it comes to beauty right now, and consumers are looking for hair extensions to make it look fuller.

On average, there are 1.2 million searches each month in the United States for hair extensions, which Spate says is “very high volume” compared to other searches for hair styling products. It has increased 25.7% in searches since last year with very strong competition. There are 20 market leaders, led in volume by Bellami, Boho Locs and Zala.

Hair has always played an important role in culture and mythology. The growth of hair extensions was perhaps inevitable, especially after the stress of the past two years when hair loss became a growing concern. Hair extensions can also change hairstyles from short to long and provide immediate fullness and volume.

Related searches include terms such as: near me, tape, best, curly, salon, how to, short hair, and permanent. Consumers searching for “near me” and “salon” indicate an interest in having their hair extensions professionally installed, but related searches for “how to” also show that consumers want a DIY option at home. Search queries reveal that consumers are interested in installing a wide variety of extensions and formats ranging from hair wreaths to braid extensions, clips to tapes, and have curly, short hair in mind. when looking for hair extensions. Brands need to consider this wide range of hair types and needs and assess how they can make the installation process easier for consumers who may not have access to salon services. Brands also need to consider varying levels of DIY skill when promoting self-install formats. One size does not fit all when it comes to hair.

Perfume with pheromones

The smell can be incredibly powerful. The olfactory system is located in the same part of our brain that affects emotions, memory and creativity and therefore can be used to trigger intense feelings and memories. Pheromone perfume hopes to tap into olfactory power by using scents that mimic pheromones, such as musk for example, to attract those of the opposite sex. While it’s unclear whether humans can detect pheromones, pheromone fragrance research indicates that consumers are ready to mingle after two years of social distancing and seek more benefits from their scented products.

According to Spate, there are 22,300 searches on average each month in the United States for a perfume with pheromones, which is an average volume compared to other searches for perfume products. It’s up 27.4% in searches since last year with low competition and a market leader: Marilyn Miglin. However, the brand’s Pheromone Eau De Parfum fragrance does not claim to contain pheromone-mimicking notes like other pheromone-centric fragrances might.

Related searches include terms such as: womens, mens, designer, unisex, work, review, and musk. In terms of volume, “women’s” is more searched next to this trend than men’s, but the search for unisex reveals that consumers are interested in a gender-neutral pheromone scent. Searches for “work” and “reviews” indicate that consumer confidence and awareness of this variety of scents is still in its infancy, providing brands with an opportunity to establish themselves amidst low competition and make take the trend to its next steps. Brands can also consider expanding the use of pheromones to adjacent product categories such as scented lotions, body washes, sprays, and even deodorants.

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