Paris Hilton’s Skincare Routine Is Extremely High-Tech

In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty kits of our favorite talents for insights into the rituals that keep them glowing and the MVPs (most valuable products) they can’t live without. Here, Paris Hilton talks to Bustle about her new perfume, her beauty gadgets and the wellness treatment she’s having with her hubby.

Paris Hilton’s 20.9 million subscribers rarely see her not look dolled up and polished – like a real Barbie. But the entrepreneur is more into the health of the skin and beauty technology than makeup. In fact, she and her husband have an actual wellness center (called the Sliving Spa, naturally) in their home, stocked with hospital-grade machines — dreamy devices you’d see in any wellness center. to be five stars. Among them you will find high-tech devices for facial care and even a cryotherapy device which she uses with her husband for home spa appointments.

However, Hilton’s love of skincare began long before she became the reality TV star turned fashion and beauty mogul she is today. “I’ve been obsessed with skincare since I was 8 years old,” she told Bustle over Zoom. “My mom taught me all the different eye serums and creams, so ever since I was little I’ve had a skin care routine.”

And her routine isn’t for the faint-hearted: it has “lots” of steps and an array of specialized beauty gadgets. “I like Foreos and the Dr. Dennis Gross FaceWare Pro and the Luminance lights and all the little gadgets,” continues Hilton. Facials too: “I get facials all the time. I love oxygen facials, Hydrafacialsand facials where they use the Neurotris machine who is an EMS [electromagnetic stimulation] device,” she said, gushing.

Hilton has publicly stated that she never had botox or fillers — which is why the star’s super high-tech diet comes as no real surprise. “I want to be all natural, and I think when you use lights and electricity the results are amazing,” she says.

Hilton had her own line of perfume since 2004, so of course she is also a perfumer. Her last perfume, love rush (the 29th in his collection), is particularly significant. It will be launched on November 11, her first wedding anniversary, and is meant to encompass all of her emotions from the special day (which is why the ivory bottle is shaped Hilton’s Oscar de la Renta wedding dress). “It’s a beautiful floral scent and brings back so many memories every time I wear it,” she said.

Her diet doesn’t stop there, however. Ahead, Hilton shares the rest of her beauty essentials, including the skincare tool she swears by.

Its special scent

“I met the perfumer [for this] directly and told him everything I wanted with this perfume – the smell, all the ingredients… I was very involved in the process, “explains Hilton. “It has notes of Italian bergamot, white apricot nectar, lush gardenia, sandalwood and vanilla orchid. The bottle design was also really fun – it’s a beautiful white bottle and has a gorgeous white cap, it’s an ode to my Urgent collection, with the dress attached to the bodice. I am so happy to have this perfume.

Her MVP hair treatment

“I like to sleep in the Olaplex Deep Conditioning Mask. If I’m not blowing out and working out, I like to put my hair in two cute little space buns, because it’s so easy and makes me look like a little raver and I love it.

Her Go-To Skin De-Puffer

“I like Foreo under eye massagers. It’s really amazing, especially when you travel a lot. If you feel like your eyes are puffy, I would definitely recommend it.

Her favorite under-eye mask

“When I travel, I bring all of my skin care on the plane with me and will do so throughout the plane ride. I bring different face masks and eye patches, which I will replace every half -hours to make sure my face stays hydrated and relaxed,” says Hilton.

“I love ToGoSpa’s under eye patches – the green tea ones are truly amazing and I swear by the pomegranate ones. Just got back from India and Dubai and wore 10 in one day on the plane.

Its lip essentials

“I think my signature makeup is a corporate boss vibe, so it’s just a simple batwing eyeliner, a few lashes, and then just a bit of bronzer and lip gloss. I love lip glosses from Fenty — I forgot the name of the shade but the pink is such a pretty color.

His facial tool

Pure Gym Facelift is so good – your face twitches when you do it, but that means it actually works. This one and the NuFace are some of the best devices I think you can get as a portable consumer product.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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