Missing Person Fragrance Creator Says Phlur Restock Is Coming ‘Soon’

Have you ever noticed the scent of a loved one that lingers even after they are gone? Well, Phlur tried to bottle such a moment with their latest fragrance Missing Person.

“If nude was a perfume, this is it. A delicate yet addictive scent that evokes the lingering scent of your lover’s skin,” is how the Eau de Parfum is described by Phlur.

As the internet goes wild for perfume, you might be curious how to get your hands on a bottle.

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Phlur’s Missing Person goes viral

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, chances are you’ve come across Phlur’s Missing Person fragrance. Missing Person has gone viral on the social media app as fragrance fans around the world try and test the product.

With a claim as bold as it represents the scent of “your lover’s skin,” many couples have tried Missing Person to see if it does the job.

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Top notes are jasmine, bergamot and musk; middle notes are orange blossom, neroli and cyclamen; base notes are white wood, australian sandalwood and white musk.

A couple who tested Missing Person include Dynasty star Adam Huber and his girlfriend Rachel Rigler. The boyfriend said it smelled exactly like his girlfriend “fresh out of the shower”, describing the resemblance as “weird”.

With reviews pouring in on TikTok, many are now on the hunt for their own bottle of Missing Person.

You may have to wait to buy Missing Person

As TikTok and other social media platforms learned about Missing Person, the fragrance quickly sold out. It’s currently only available for purchase on Phlur’s website, where it’s already sold out.

Missing Person creator Criselle Lim said they will be restocking “soon”. You can join the waitlist on the Phlur website to be the first to know when the fragrance is back in stock.

Missing Person perfume retails for $96 per 50ml bottle. There’s also a travel-size bottle of the perfume that retails for a lower price of $26.

Chriselle Lim on creating Missing Person

Missing Person creator Chriselle Lim took to TikTok to share the personal inspiration behind the Missing Person fragrance. She describes him in the video as “incredibly special for [her].”

“Being just with someone for over a decade, being so used to the warmth of their skin and the warmth of their body, and all of a sudden waking up and feeling naked and empty. You just got there. feel like there’s a void in your life. I felt like that for a very long time,” Lim says in the video.

“When I was developing my first fragrance for Phlur, I knew I wanted to create something that felt like skin, that actually felt like there was warmth.”

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