Michelle Pfeiffer’s Favorite Scent Makes Her Strong

Chances are you know Michelle Pfeiffer from her long list of iconic roles (maybe Scarface ring a bell?). His latest film, French release, released earlier this year, but these days she’s just as busy offscreen. The actor launched his perfume brand, Henri Rose, months before the pandemic hit, and has not abated since.

With Henry Rose, named after his daughter Claudia Rose and son John Henry, Pfeiffer hoped to fill a major void in the market: a clean and refined fragrance. Like many parents, she became aware of the content of her products when her children were young. “I started looking at the ingredients and the safety of those ingredients and my frustration as a consumer was that I couldn’t find products that worked and were safe,” she said. Charm. “And then decades went by and I finally said, ‘The technology is there and the consumer is there.’ The demand is there. So why isn’t this happening? ‘ Since then, the market has caught up with demand, and she has been able to replace her entire routine with “cleaner” equivalents, except when it comes to perfume. In response, she created a sophisticated, non-sexist line of fragrances and body products that she could feel good about.

The brand is largely inspired by the olfactory memories of Pfeiffer, in particular the last launch, Carnivorous flora. She says the fragrance, which is the brand’s first floral and took almost three years to formulate, was inspired by a specific childhood memory of sneaking into the back gardens of her elderly neighbors and being bewitched by the smell of flowers. “It reminds me a bit of a movie,” she said. “They were this old couple, I had never even laid eyes on them, but I’m sure they were looking at me wondering what this blonde haired, barefoot, stringy barefoot girl was doing in their flower garden. “

“One day I had the courage to steal a bunch of them, and I ran back home and threw them in a Tupperware and used something to crush them,” she continues. “And it was my first foray into perfumery. Smelling the carnivorous flora brings me back to that time.

In honor of the launch, we caught up with Pfeiffer to discuss her love of perfume, her beauty essentials and the women who inspire her. Read on for the latest set of CharmThe big questions of beauty.

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Gamour: What’s the beauty rule you swear by?

Michelle Pfeiffer: That there are no rules. Beauty is such a personal thing for everyone. Depending on your facial features, the type of skin you have, the type of hair you have, not everything works for everyone. This also applies to perfume; it’s so personal. I think the rule would be to try not to pay attention to trends.

What about a beauty rule that you think is BS?

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