Make Your Perfume Last Longer With These Easy Tricks

Similar to brushing your teeth, wearing perfume has become a regular ritual. Although the use of perfume may seem obvious, its use and maintenance requires some skill. Luckily, these easy tactics will prolong the freshness and aroma of your favorite scents.

Material required: Perfume, Moisturizer, Hairbrush, Makeup remover

Hydrate: Compared to dry skin, which allows fragrance to glide on easily, oily skin has the ability to retain fragrance longer. Before spraying your favorite perfume on your skin, use a fragrance-free moisturizer.

Target pulse points: Spraying perfume on heated or pulsating places on the body ensures that the aroma stays there longer. It also promotes the diffusion of fragrance throughout the body and allows it to linger throughout the day. The main pulse sites are on your neck, inside your elbows, behind your knees, on your ankles and calves, and on your wrists.

Spray a stroke on your brush: When you spray perfumes directly on your hair, it dries out and becomes more fragile. Instead, spray some on your hairbrush before brushing your hair to ensure minimal mess and a pleasant scent all day long.

Do not rub; dab instead: Rub perfume on your wrist together something we’ve all done at one time or another. We didn’t realize that we rubbed in the top notes of the aroma which will actually be forced to fade faster by the scent. So next time gently rub your wrists together.

Store perfumes in cool, dark places: Heat and light cause perfume to decrease the quality of perfume. Instead, store them in cool, dry places to preserve their longevity, such as your vanity drawers that aren’t near windows or the refrigerator.

The lighter the fragrance, the less it persists: Woody and musk scents will last longer on your skin than lighter, aromatic scents like citrus or jasmine because they have a larger molecular structure. When choosing a new perfume, keep this in mind because you might finish the lighter, more aromatic perfume bottles faster.

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