Luxury Is CELINE $900 Crocodile Skin Perfume Set


Season: Spring/Summer 2022

To buy: Online on the CELINE website

Editor’s notes: File this one in “Useless things that are fabulous all the same”.

CELINE’s crocodile skin perfume case, sized to fit the brand’s travel perfume spray bottles, is essentially one tiny, expensive thing to house another tiny, expensive thing – in my opinion, the definition of luxury.

Remember Neopets’ Petpets, pets for your Neopet? And the Petpetpets, tiny insects for the most spoiled PetPets? If CELINE’s large-format perfume is an olfactory Neopet, the travel-size spray is a Petpet — and the travel-size case is its petpetpet.

Also: it’s $890.

Now, if you’d rather not spend nearly $1,000 on a glorified pen grip, the label also offers canvas versions for $300. To be fair, though – if you’ve unlocked the life level where a $300 perfume holder seems doable, you might as well go for the crocodile.

For those looking for more fancy containers, why not try CELINE’s dice case (howlite dice included), or a canvas and calfskin champagne case (Chatâu Margeaux not included)?

Note this: your luxury belongings are nothing without their own equally luxurious racks.

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