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Luminess blows air into hair care – literally.

The device maker has developed a new airbrush system for use in hair care, skin care, makeup and self-tanning. The device, which uses a different head for each category, will launch in skincare and haircare next month.

Called Breeze Duo, prices for the device range from $129 to $229, depending on category, configuration, and corresponding serums. Heads are sold separately for $35, and skincare, haircare, and makeup products range from $30 to $50. They initially launch on the Luminess website, with business partners to roll out the product in the following months.

The launch sits at the crossroads of two growing categories: prestige hair care, one of the hottest categories in beauty, and the smaller device segment, which has grown following the pandemic.

Luminess has offered airbrush technology for makeup in the past, which has worked well throughout the pandemic given its contactless nature. The brand has not commented on sales, although industry sources said they exceeded $100 million at retail in 2021.

“Last year we started to refocus our business due to supply chain issues, and we knew customers in China were using our airbrush systems for skincare,” said Andrew Videira, Director of Marketing and Products, Luminess. “When we found the right speed and pressure to use on our device, we realized that there was no device that did makeup, skincare, and hair.”

The device first launched alongside makeup late last year, in partnership with the brand’s artist-in-residence, makeup artist Pati Dubroff. “Pati’s thing is a natural complexion, but she uses a spray to moisturize the skin before putting on makeup,” Videira said. “She asked if she could airbrush for makeup and skincare, and we said she could do both.”

An airbrushed pigment to touch up hairlines and untinted roots sits alongside two different scalp serums in the haircare range. “The ability to add a formula that mimics hair, yet is water resistant, was really, really important to us,” Videira said. Both scalp serums also focus on exfoliation and an anti-inflammatory scalp oil, with more down the line.

For customers already familiar with the brand, the detachable hair heads can also be used with the brand’s Aerocleanse device. One of the heads of the skincare device also comes with a microneedling roller.

“Haircare is new to us, and the reason why we’re focusing on this whole idea of ​​delivering beauty. We want to create a product and a device that replaces 17 others,” Videira said. don’t use a ton of makeup, but we know she loves her skin and hair care. It’s interesting to see how different consumers are, and this idea of ​​democratizing beauty is important to us.

This caliber’s technology is new to the market, Videira said, adding that it disperses product in a more targeted manner to maximize formulas. “We’re getting about 20 times better absorption than traditional skincare serums,” Videira said. “As long as the serums are smooth enough, you can also use other serums from other brands.”

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