Lucy Boynton on Natural Scent, Icy-Blonde Upkeep and That Signature Haircut


Chances are, you’ve probably taken a photo of Lucy Boynton’s frozen blunt cut at your barber in the past three years. Or maybe you stumbled across one of her bold, artistic, or sparkly red carpet makeup looks and immediately hit the pin. The actress is a true beauty star, who is never afraid of a retro-inspired retro look or a well-placed hair accessory. Her latest offscreen role is with the fashion and beauty house. Chloé, muse of her new fall fragrance, Eau de Parfum Naturelle.

Like Boynton, this scent breaks convention. It is composed of a perfume of 100% natural origin and alcohol of natural origin; it’s also vegan and housed in a bottle made partly from recycled materials. This is the latest in a series of new fragrance launches that aim to reinvent the way we vaporize and smell through an eco-friendly, clean lens. The fresh, floral and woody scent is easy to wear every day, with notes of cedar, rose, neroli and mimosa.

To celebrate the new scent, we meet up with Boynton to discuss how she keeps her blonde so shiny, her red carpet makeup philosophy, and why she loves this ‘uplifting’ scent.

How has your beauty routine changed over the past year?

It’s very simplified. I mean simplified in the sense that obviously you immediately remove the kind of decorative makeup elements from the beauty routine, and so it has become a lot more about the health and maintenance and improvement of my skin. . But now I think I’m trying to make it a bit more experimental or make it a routine, so I’ve been looking at more products. Especially anything for humidity.

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Who are your beauty idols and who do you turn to for inspiration?

I’m quite eclectic, and I think I’m still influenced by Jo baker, the makeup artist I work with, in that sense. I used to be a lot more minimalist, and now I think it’s more influenced by, say, the movies I watch, or art, or fashion shows for those slightly more expressive looks. So especially when I’m watching something like the Tim Burton movies or something, I kind of want to steal that aesthetic and channel it into a beauty look.

Chloé Natural Eau de Parfum

You have such an adventurous spirit for the beauty of the red carpet. Tell me a little bit about how you and your makeup artist, Jo Baker, collaborate on the looks?

The process is so much fun with her. She has always been incredibly collaborative. She is such an artist, I mean, she has a training and went to art school. So that’s our foundation. And makeup is just her medium. And so it’s really interesting to see her process and see the very eclectic channels that she takes inspiration from. It’s always influenced by where we are, what we’re doing, where I’m going and how I want to feel, but also where we are in the world, or what she’s seen.

We had a really lovely week in Venice together once at a film festival, and it was so fascinating to see her, like, stop in the street and take pictures of how the light falls on something, or certain textures of something. So it’s really fun when she then channels that into a look and it becomes a more tangible thing. But it’s still a really fun process and a form of experimentation and self-expression. So when I go to these big press days and these kinda intimidating events, it’s really empowering to have that extra sense of ownership of myself.

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Your eyebrows and eyelashes are crazy. How do you take care of them?

My father takes all the credit. I have a combination of her long lashes and my mom’s really dark lashes and brows – I’m very lucky. I actually don’t do anything to take care of them, and I’m starting to get really paranoid that I should. I actually walked into a ceiling fan at the end of last year and half of them tore off, but luckily they returned to my immense relief very quickly.

The color and cut of your hair has become such a hallmark look. Tell me a bit about how you got here with your hair?

That’s all [hairstylist] Jenny cho. It is she who should take the credit for becoming a thing; she is the master of the blunt cut. I met her at a photoshoot in 2016, and we were a bit tired of the long hair trend. I think I was fed up with my hair, and right on the spot, she decided to cut it. I had seen recently Paris, Texas“Jenny referred to that as well, so she sort of did in the moment and didn’t really think much about it. And then, I kind of continued it for the next few years. It wasn’t really new when I released it – I just haven’t been on a lot of red carpets. It was really liberating to do that. It’s so low-maintenance it’s very liberating, and then you can let it do what it does. Mark Selley at Nicky Clarke’s in London for the blonde-blonde. He’s just brilliant. He also does all my coloring for my projects. I am surrounded by very talented and very lucky people!

What’s your blonde interview?

I guess short hair lends itself to preserving this kind of blonde as well. Marc is amazing. I mean, I probably shouldn’t have hair in the amount I had to dye. I met him because for a movie I was making, I had to go from dark hair to blonde hair in one day, and he managed to do it in a way that I always left with shiny hair.

I use Olaplex No.3 – which has really saved my hair – and the Christophe Robin Baby Blonde blue hair mask has been awesome. A lot of these purple shampoos can end up leaving your scalp a bit lilac, which is also fun but not always the look you want. That of Christophe Robin that we can leave for, like, ages and that does not do that; it just removes all kind of heat. I really like this icy blonde look.

Interview with Lucy Boynton Chloe


What is your relationship with natural and clean beauty, since this is the focus of this fragrance campaign?

I have always looked for organic and natural products because my skin is so sensitive. So I hardly had a choice! But now I’m trying to find out a lot more about the ingredients in everything. It’s really inspiring to see brands like Chloe really trying to hold themselves accountable in this sense, and ensuring that they are not only developing from natural and organic ingredients, but also to be more eco-conscious and concerned with sustainability.

Does it affect other areas of your life, such as your shopping, your food, and so on?

My mom is a journalist and she has always written about beauty products. I think I’ve always been lucky to have that kind of parallel education, so we’ve always been looking at anything organic anyway. I’m not, like, strict with myself, I don’t think so, but I always feel better and naturally lean towards organic.

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What attracted you to this perfume project and what do you like about the perfume?

I love. It’s really light and fresh, but it lasts a long time, which I think is the key to a great scent. But it is really uplifting. I found myself reaching it a lot. On the days when I just want to feel a little more organized and classy, ​​I think it’s that kind of final note to complete you before you go out. I also carry a small bottle of it in my bag and refresh and reset it throughout the day. I love it.

It can have such an impact on your self-esteem but also on your mood, and I think this particular scent – I think knowing that it’s completely natural, organic, has something to do with it too. The freshness of it is very uplifting.

For people who have stopped wearing perfume every day, this scent seems like a great reintroduction into that habit.

He is! The scent and scent are so intimate and personal. I think this one is a great choice because it’s a lot of fun and light, but it also has deeper notes which make it very grown-up and stylish. I think this kind of marriage is perfect.

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