It is an art to keep looking young and radiant all the time. Whenever you look up to a famous actress, you wish you had her flawless skin. However, there are a lot of things to do to have this kind of skin and hair. Pooja Hegde, one of the most beautiful actresses, shared her beauty diary with us today. Pooja Hegde revealed her skin and hair secrets in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla. If you want to know more about Radhe Shyam’s beauty secrets, keep reading.

Pooja revealed that she is now more secure in her own skin and wears less makeup. She likes to do very little when it comes to her skincare regimen. Pooja Hegde added, “The only thing I do is make sure I take my makeup off before I go to sleep.” Pooja also revealed that she suffers from eczema and needs to moisturize her skin regularly. Pooja’s skincare routine involves drinking plenty of water and constantly moisturizing her skin.

Pooja’s inner South Indian stands out when it comes to proper hair care. “There’s nothing like a good scalp massage with coconut oil. It’s really nutritious, and it’s just what your scalp needs. Coconut oil before a hair bath is quite effective. Pooja has revealed her effective hair treatment. However, after entering the industry and going into luxury, she moved away from that. “After a while I came across an article about how Victoria’s Secret models start their day with a teaspoon of pure coconut oil…I was surprised because it’s something we had always done correctly.” She made a comment about something she does all the time.

Source: pink villa

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