Lake and Skye Hand Soap is like perfume for your palms

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If you entered the super-viral Lake & Sky fragrance and looking to take that relationship to the next level, get excited: now you can discover the fresh scent throughout the day while you wash your hands. Launching just this week, Lake & Skye Hand Soap is now available to you when you aggressively sanitize your hands every two hours.

People who have the scent love the perfume. Jhe original unisex fragrance, called “11 11”, is composed of notes of white amber and musk, and was “inspired by the color white and the teachings of Kundalini yoga”. Fans describe the scent as “ethereal” and people who have tried it tend to become so addicted to the scent that it has a 90% reorder rate. To start, he has killer reviews on Fragrantica.

The new 16-ounce liquid hand soap pump retails for $36 and will have the same pure, clean, uplifting scent as the spritz. One reviewer reports that “11 11 is the olfactory definition of harmless,” so chances are you’ll like it even if you’ve never smelled it before (and even if you’re “not a perfumer”). Another reviewer notes that he bought the perfume for his wife, but ended up liking it for himself too. “You just smell clean, like clean air or clean laundry,” he says.

After testing the soap myself for about a week (a lot of hand washing happens in a week!) I can confirm that it smells fresh, light, clean, soft and absolutely lovely. What I love about perfume is that you get an in-the-moment scent experience, but it doesn’t linger too long, so it won’t interfere if you’re wearing another type of perfume or fragrance. Its texture is a silky gel that does not strip the skin or dry out the hands. And the elegant black glass packaging? So chic on the bathroom counter. All around, a luxury experience made out of something otherwise mundane.

According to Lake & Skye, the hand soap was continually requested by their “rabid fanbase”. And if all that accolades weren’t enough to knock you over $30 off a luxury hand soap, consider this: The brand plants a tree with every online order and “only uses transparent ingredients” and the product is vegan, cruelty-free. (zero animal testing) and paraben free. Lake & Skye is also PETA certified.

And, if you’re completely smitten by this scent and want more than just hand soap, you can snag a bottle of eau de parfum 11 11 for just under a hundred dollars.

Have you ever wondered how perfume is made? Watch the video below for a first-hand look inside the DedCool factory.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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