Korean Hair Care Routine for Gorgeous Highlights

It’s no secret that no one can beat Koreans when it comes to beauty regimes. Popular for their glass skin and shiny locks, beauty standards are very high in the world of K-beauty. If you’ve ever dreamed of long, frizz-free hair, it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. With this 5-step Korean hair care guide, you can experience the beauty of healthy hair.


Commonly known as “scalp scaling,” Koreans invest their time in exfoliating the scalp with the jet-scrub-rinse method. With a descaling gel tailored to your hair’s needs and a gentle massage, the process can take up to two hours, but it leaves your scalp feeling clean and promotes hair growth.


Rather than drugstore brands, consider investing in mild shampoos. Parabens and other harmful chemicals are banned, as are split shampoos and conditioners. The cleanser should not dry out your hair or upset the natural pH balance of your scalp. The idea is to gently cleanse.


Towel dry your hair before applying a nourishing and hydrating conditioner. It helps your hair absorb conditioner better and makes it less likely to get frizzy or tangled.


You can moisturize your hair in two ways: a hair mask to prevent breakage or invest in moisturizing caps. The idea is to seal in the moisture and condition your hair so it feels hydrated.


If you’ve ventured far enough into the world of Korean beauty tips, you must have come across skin serums and hair serums. It’s time to be introduced to the world of scalp serums, scalp toners and hair essence. While scalp toners help fight pollutants and dandruff, scalp serum takes care of your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Hair essence does everything a hair serum does without leaving your strands greasy and weighed down. They may be good investments after all.

As always, keep your hair needs in mind and review the ingredients of any product you purchase.

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