Kelly Rowland Swears By This Eczema Skincare Remedy – Interview

It’s the Friday before a long weekend and I’m on a Zoom call with Kelly Rowland, who Unilever brought in for a little goal-setting session at the end of the year. Sure, I’m doing the interview, but if you’ve listened to a voiceover of my inner thoughts, I’m stuck on how beautiful it is. I know – she’s a famous singer, actress, TV host, the list goes on. Of course, she is beautiful. But it’s a little different. It’s a bit like… she was floating? Even though she’s comfortably perched on what looks to me like a giant gray couch.

Make no mistake, beauty is at goddess level, but as talented as she is, Rowland is still a person. One of many, which she casually mentions after I ask her what she buys at the pharmacy (Radiance Lotion Vaseline Cocoa for the red carpets and L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara), who contracted COVID while on vacation. “We were the COVID nursery,” she says. And while her crib may be bigger than anywhere I’ve lived together, like everyone else, she’s been quarantined with her family.

“We played games, made Rice Krispie treats. I did a lot of cooking, I made chicken and rice soup,” she tells me, mentioning that she also recruited her husband and her eldest son to help make burgers. There was also water – lots of water. “We held a drinking water contest because we were trying to flush our bodies of the virus.” (For the record, the recommendation to drink fluids if you get COVID is tied to stay hydrated, not because you’re going to urinate on the virus.) Of course, Rowland and her family are doing well now and looking forward to what 2022 might bring.

The singer says she is focused on dreaming big – so big she scares herself. “Of all the gifts that Sidney Poitier has left us, the greatest for me is his quote where he says, ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. she. Rowland once lived a life that some of us dream of; now she wonders what else she can create or what new opportunity she can seize. Poitier’s words are ones she says she lives by and plans to pass on the spirit to her sons, Titan, 7, and Noah (who made a brief and very adorable appearance on the call), 1 “I hope they’re dreaming so big that they’re like, ‘Oh my God, how am I going to do this?’ And then they do it.And they surprise themselves and do it even bigger the next time.

As Rowland figures out her next move (which we hope will include a starring role in a Donna Summer biopic, but more on that later), I chat with her a bit more about her boys, her tip for hydrated elbows and the late big disco diva inspires her today.

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