Jacqueline Fernandez reveals skin care and hair care secrets: “I embraced DIY a lot more during lockdown”


There is no denying that Jacqueline Fernandez has an enviable presence on screen. Offscreen too, there have been plenty of occasions where she has mesmerized us with her fashion and beauty.

Most of the time you will find the 36 year old man looks impeccable in her outfits – her fine hair play and makeup on the fly. Recently, she collaborated with a cosmetics company to unveil the Jacqueline Fernandez collection. During a Zoom call, she showed us her many moods and makeup tips.

In an exclusive email interaction, however, Jacqueline spoke more about her love for beauty and makeup, letting us uncover some skincare secrets, hair care strategies, dos and don’ts. to do in terms of makeup, etc. Extracts:

What does makeup mean to you?

Beauty and makeup, for me, don’t fit into any stereotype. For me, true beauty awakens and ignites the best version of you, to be who you want to be and release whatever you want. Adapting to conventional standards is not what beauty means to me.

What is your first memory of putting on makeup?

My first memory of wearing makeup brings me back to very pleasant days with my mother. Like any young girl fascinated by makeup, I used to try my mother’s lipsticks. Whether applying blush or eye shadow, lipsticks were my favorite!

You have flawless skin, what do you do for skin care?

My beauty and skin care regimen is extremely minimalist and I believe in less is more. Glowing, youthful skin doesn’t come on a platter; I have a few personal beauty rules that I follow for radiant skin. I always make sure to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to skin congestion and rashes, which I would never want to face again. Another commandment that I respect is to never leave my house without SPF. I always apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours, especially when photographing outdoors! I also strongly believe in eating healthy and always keeping myself hydrated; after all, inner beauty triumphs over everything.

What is your skin type, and what do you consider to be a beauty essential?

My skin type varies from normal to combination depending on the weather. I only believe in one beauty essential: moisturize well. A good moisturizer can give you a gods glow. More often than not, I find that people tend to skip the moisturizer when it is the most important product.

Five makeup products that you always carry in your bag.

My sunscreen, my lipstick (sinful matte), my makeup fixer, my lip balm and my nail polish. You will always find these products in my bag. There was not a day that I forgot to wear them.

Who to contact for beauty and makeup advice?

My beauty inspiration has always been my mom, who taught me all the tips and tricks and homemade crafts to keep my skin and hair looking pristine. One tip that stuck with me is to keep my beauty regimes minimalist and simple. Whether it’s quickly making face masks at home or eating healthy to ensure healthy skin.

What do you think are the dos and don’ts of makeup?

I believe in less is more, so I try not to overdo it with too much makeup. I like to use multitasking products that minimize my time and energy. A big beauty no-no for me is mindless jumping on beauty trends instead of trying things that you personally enjoy.

Besides beauty and skin care, how important is hair care and what do you do about it?

Hair care is of supreme importance to me, especially with the industry I belong to. I am constantly at shoots and my hair is always subjected to too much heat and color. I try to keep my hair routine minimal and often experiment with DIYs.

Has your understanding of beauty and skin care changed during the pandemic?

Containment has taught us to do a lot of things on our own; most importantly, he taught us independence. Like everyone else, I too have learned a lot about myself and the world in which I live. Staying away from salons and spas brought me closer to home and to my roots. I started to embrace DIY a lot more than before.

If you only had a minute to get ready, what makeup products would you use quickly and absolutely?

Although I love all the products in this collection, my favorites are the lipsticks because these shades are my daily favorites; the highlighter too, because who doesn’t love a blinding glow?

What does the collection mean to you?

As a young girl, I have always been fascinated by makeup and as I grew up this fascination turned into an obsession and I was always on the lookout for products that made me dizzy. Being part of the Colorbar family, I wanted to create a collection that reflects a part of me that draws on all of my wonderful experiences. So I curled up with the team and traveled the world to curate this amazing collection that reflects all that I stand for.

What’s even more special is that it represents my love for animals – it’s cruelty-free and paraben-free.

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