Its use in skin and hair care

The onion is no longer just the king of the kitchen. It has found its roots in skin and hair care. Why is the beauty and grooming industry going gaga over onions?

After contracting the Covid, one of the worst side effects I saw was severe hair loss. I had almost accepted the fact that I could go bald. Then someone said to apply onion juice. As much as I am a DIY fan, the idea of ​​applying onion juice was a big no. But hey, I must have succumbed to it, and thanks to the brands that have branched out into making onion products that give you a plethora of benefits, it was a piece of cake.

Ghazal Alagh, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Mamaearth, says, “Onions have been a household recipe for hair loss control for ages, and at Mamaearth we are focused on creating contemporary solutions to hair loss. traditional DIY recipes. The brand offers onion hair oil, which is its best-selling product. To eliminate “extremely heavy and time-consuming” DIYs, Alagh worked on onion-based products, which she said “will continue to be an ingredient of choice in hair care for centuries to come. “

Manish Chowdhary, co-founder of WOW Skin Science, explains the nutritional value. “Onion is packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B9 (also known as folate), vitamin B6, sulfur and potassium, and is also high in antioxidants. These are responsible for the rapid growth of hair and the overall health of your hair. Their Onion Hair Oil and Onion Shampoo are their top selling products because “onion is a perfect natural ingredient with many benefits for good hair and beautiful skin”.

WOW onion shampoo WOW onion conditioner

Earth Rhythm also offers a range of onion products, including Onion, Curry Leaf and Tamanu Oil Hair Serum and Cocoa Butter Restorative Hair Butter, Tamanu Oil. onion seeds with fenugreek. Harini Sivakumar, Cosmetic Chemist and CEO of Earth Rhythm, says, “We strongly believe that the herbal ingredients are very potent and have the ability to treat and heal skin and hair problems. Onions are the only herbal products that contain abundant sulfur, which stimulates collagen production and, in turn, increases the production of healthy cells in your scalp.

arth Rhythm - Hair Repairing Butter with Cocoa, Fenugreek AND Onion Earth Rhythm - Onion, Curry Leaf & Tamanu Oil Hair Serum

Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok, co-founders of Arata, offer products like Super Shampoo, which is their best onion product. “Allium cepa or onion oil is a legitimately healing and beneficial ingredient. It is precisely for this reason that we have formulated onion oil in our Super Shampoo. Bhasin and Madhok further inform that research proves that onion juice has been effective in treating patchy alopecia.

Arata Super Shampoo in INR 899

But is onion a legitimately necessary ingredient, or rather the buzz? Dr Sushant Shetty, MD (Skin), Chief Medical Officer, Kaya Limited, explains that onion contains vitamins that protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, giving the skin a glow, and the phytochemicals present in onion help delay the signs of aging. The antioxidants it contains prevent premature graying of hair. The sulfur content of onions reduces breakage and thinning of hair. He adds, “If you can put its aroma aside, onions, when used correctly, have many benefits. “

And are there any side effects? “The length of contact and being aware that any burning sensation means you need to wash up immediately is important. If not rinsed off properly, the sulfur in onion juice can cause itching, which can progress to more serious inflammation, ”warns Dr. Shetty.

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