It’s not a dandruff shampoo, but this new hair care product will treat and keep that dandruff at bay.

Are you afraid to wear black clothes because of all-white dandruff falling on them? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The change in weather can do more harm than good and we all go through the battle of stubborn dandruff and dry flakes together. But dandruff is not the only problem, it is accompanied by severe hair loss and dry hair.

Just like us, we bet you’ve also tried every anti-dandruff shampoo, serum, and conditioner like us, but to no avail. After all the different oils and leave-in serums, we decided to try a scalp scrub.

Just like we use an exfoliator on our face to remove dirt, clear clogged pores, and fight blackheads/whiteheads, a scalp scrub does exactly the same thing. Instead of oiling your hair, you start by applying a dollop to your scalp and giving it a good scrub.

Once done, shower with lukewarm water and use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair is almost dry, add a nourishing leave-in serum. That’s all it takes.

Benefits of Scalp Scrub:

– It cleanses your scalp

– Removes all dirt

– Combats excess sebum

– Removes dead skin

– Allows your hairline to breathe

– Allows hair to grow easily

– Eliminates dandruff from the base

Try it out and share your feedback on whether using a scalp scrub helped eradicate your dandruff or not @TimesNowNews

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