Is there a right and a wrong way to wear perfume? To find

Many people like to buy perfumes. A whiff of a good quality perfume can lift your mood. Sometimes its lingering smell on clothes can bring back old memories and make you nostalgic.

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Sneha Gupta, personality coach, writes on Instagram that you can “communicate a lot with your scent” and that “olfactory (smell) is a very important aspect of non-verbal communication”.

But is there a right and a wrong way to wear perfume? Yes.

Gupta explains in a video that the wrong way to wear perfume would be:

1. Wearing too much. Apply it to jewelry and clothing. This could potentially leave stains.

2. Sometimes people rub it aggressively on the wrist, and that’s a bad way to wear it, because “it can change and also nuance the scent.”

What is the right way to wear perfume?

According to Gupta, the right way would be to:

1. Spray 1-2 or 3-4 sprays depending on the type of fragrance, for optimal fragrance.

2. Apply it only on the pulse points, the points where you feel the heart beating: on the wrist, on the neck between the collarbone, behind the ears, behind the knees, on the folds of the elbow.

3. Keep a distance of 5-7 inches, ensuring the right amount of drops on the skin, instead of leaving a bulky trail.

Did you know these perfume labels?

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