I Asked 17 Women From NYC & LA What Scent They Wear The Most


We write a lot about the fashion choice women from NYC and LA here at Who What Wear, but I have a different topic for you today: fragrance. The scent that a person wears is obviously something you can’t see with your own eyes, so I myself asked a handful of posh locals in Los Angeles and New York.

I could have asked these women what their favorite scents are, but instead I asked what scents they wear more. If anyone asked me today what my favorite scent is, I would probably have a hard time specifying it, and I’m not sure it’s the one I wear the most at this time of my life. What’s more interesting to me are the scents that are versatile, accessible, and compliment-friendly enough for everyday use. These are the things that are most likely to influence our perfume purchases.

With that, scroll down to shop for the perfumes known women in LA and New York City wear the most.


“I recently got a taste for Maison Louise Marie n ° 4 Bois de Balincourt. It’s earthy, fresh and smells good!”

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Louis-Marie House No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Eau de Parfum ($ 88)

“My favorite scent is YSL Libre. It’s bold but not too strong. The blend of lavender and orange blossom essence with a hint of musk is a great blend of masculine and feminine, making it the scent. perfect!”

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Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Parfum Free Perfume Spray ($ 90)

“Right now I’m wearing Le Lion de Chanel. Something makes me feel like a queen in my castle. It smells powdery, a little peppery… but also strong and unique. really no better. words to describe it other than I like it. “

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Chanel The Lion of Chanel ($ 200)

“If I had to describe my MO scent, it would be ‘pretty.’ I tend to like light, floral and semi-sweet scents, but they need to have a sufficient base so that they don’t hang too much or too sweet. de Byredo The Young Rose scent is pretty much the scent I’ve been waiting for all my life, and I can’t stop wearing it. I love rose scents, and this one balances Damascus rose with spicy Szechuan pepper and more captivating hits orfmusk, ambroxan, ambrette seeds and iris, it’s floral, but far from basic People always want to know what I’m wearing when they’re hugging me.

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Byredo Young Rose Eau de Parfum ($ 270)

“My favorite scent is Glossier You. It’s the perfect everyday scent and it looks super chic on your bathroom counter!”

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More shiny Brighter you ($ 60)

“I’ve been wearing this scent since attending college. It has become my signature scent. It’s warm and sultry but still very accessible during the day. It smells better over time on the skin and lasts for. always. I’ll never part ways with this scent as it’s pretty much become a part of me at this point. “

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Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum ($ 108)

“These days I almost exclusively use Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique. It’s such a rich and warm scent that’s actually inspired by African and Parisian culture, so it seems to me such a perfect representation of myself. -myself and my heritage. It’s the perfect balance between male and female — it’s strong but not overwhelming and sexy but not overdone. I can’t get enough of it! “

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Byredo Bal D’Afrique Eau de Parfum ($ 190)

“Most people think of Aesop for hand lotion or soap, but their scent is where it’s at. Honestly, all of Aesop’s scents are special, but this one is something else. anything with sandalwood in it, so I had a hunch that I was going to love Aesop’s Karst scent. Add juniper (fresh and grassy!) and cumin (a little spice!) and I’m completely sold. nice clip. I can imagine it in my rotation for years to come. “

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Aesop Karst Eau de Parfum ($ 195)

new York

“Labo’s Gaiac is literally my favorite scent on earth. It comes from their exclusive collection in the city, you can only buy it in Tokyo or order it online when available. It’s a sweet scent and bold cedarwood paired with musk, once you spray on your skin it becomes magical. Unlike its Sandalwood & Black cousins, no one seems to have this scent, which is why I love it the most. “

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The laboratory Gaïac Perfume 10 ($ 319)

“I love the Byredo Mixed Emotions scent. It taught me a lot about scents that I like and don’t like because it’s really the perfect combination of woody scents without being too heavy and sweet citrus. without being too feminine. It has birch at the base and black currant at the top! I’ve been using it all summer and can’t wait to see how it evolves as we move into the colder months. “

Described as a fragrance designed to reflect the tumultuous nature of our times, I naturally searched for this as it perfectly describes that feeling and what I experience these days. The scent itself is perfectly woody and comforting with a hint of sweetness, which makes it a smooth transition scent from summer to fall, and soon falls into winter. It is unlike any other scent I own! “

“This summer I wore Byredo Mixed Emotions – it’s pleasantly fruity at first, but it sets in so peppery in my skin that the scent is totally addicting.”

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Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum ($ 162)

“Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique! There’s something about that warm, spicy vetiver scent that evokes romance – it makes me feel like I should be cozy in a little Parisian cafe somewhere. always feels * good * no matter the season. “

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Byredo Bal d’Afrique L’Huile Parfum Roll-On Oil ($ 78)

“I’m wearing Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray! It’s soft, unisex and lasts a very long time.”

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Kiehl’s Original Musk Eau De Toilette Spray ($ 37)

“I am currently using Yvonne d’Ormaie perfume. Besides loving its unique scent with hints of roses, I am also obsessed with the design of the bottle and the fact that it is a 100% fragrance. natural and vegan. Most perfume houses still use so many toxins, which I try to avoid at all costs. Ormaie feels like the future of luxury perfume! “

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Ormaie Yvonne Perfume ($ 270)

“I recently smelled Portrait of a Lady by French fragrance brand Frederic Malle, and it’s my new favorite scent. I love how comfortable the scent is – with notes of raspberry, cinnamon, patchouli. , amber and sandalwood, it basically falls into a bottle, and I’m not mad at that. “

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Frédéric Malle Portrait of Lady Perfume ($ 270)

“I’ve been a longtime fan of Sandalwood 33 (who isn’t, really?) A little sweeter thanks to the tea leaf top notes. Suffice it to say, I think it may be. – to have become my new signature scent. “

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The laboratory Black Tea Eau de Parfum 29 ($ 196)

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