How to make your perfume last longer

Filling up all day isn’t the only way to keep your scent from fading. Fragrances tend to be one of the most expensive areas of our beauty arsenal, so naturally, you won’t want to spray all day.

When it comes to longevity, not all fragrances are created equal; “The lifespan of a perfume will depend on a number of things,” explains GH Beauty Editor Fluer Fruzza. “First, the concentration, i.e. whether it is cologne (about 4-6%), eau de toilette (7-15%) or eau de parfum (15-20%).”

Pure perfume/perfume extract contains approximately 20-30% perfume concentrate and would be considered an “intense” version of a perfume, but some brands simply add more base notes to their eau de parfum to create their editions “intense”.

Less well known, the composition of the base, middle and top notes will also impact how quickly your scent fades; “If it’s heavy top notes, these tend to be more volatile and evaporate faster, whereas a perfume with lots of complex base notes is likely to last longer,” Flower explains.

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And, interestingly, where you live or the time of year is a factor, as climate affects scent fading; “Warm, humid environments encourage scent molecules to evaporate faster, while cool/cold climates allow them to unfold more slowly, meaning scent is likely to linger.” Take note for your next holiday scent selection.

For a scent that lasts, she recommends those with lots of fixing base notes like musk, woods, and resinous notes.

How to make your perfume last longer

While all of the above can help guide your selection, it doesn’t limit it. If your choice doesn’t tick those boxes, or if you’re looking for ways to make the scents you already have and love last longer, there are some clever ways to slow down the fading of your scent.

Meeting with Jackie Duignan, national training manager within the Clarins Perfumery Group, to discover her tips…

Know the right places to spray perfume

If you normally spray your perfume aimlessly in the direction of your neck or chest, you may not be helping it smell its best any longer.

“Heat is key to activating scent, so I always recommend applying your scent to pulse points such as behind your ear, the back of your throat, or your wrists,” says Jackie. “It’s because your pulse will stimulate the fragrance perfectly.”

how to stop perfume fading

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Don’t rub your wrists when wearing perfume

It’s a trick we learned from our moms — rubbing our wrists after applying perfume to diffuse the scent — but turns out it’s actually a bad idea.

“Avoid rubbing your wrists during application as this overwrites the top notes and prevents the real scent from having a chance to settle into the skin,” says Jackie.

Try layering the scent to make the scent last longer

If you thought layering was just a term for piling up clothes in the winter, you’d be wrong – that applies to fragrance too.

“Layering scents is a great way to ensure your scent lasts longer,” says Jackie. “It is the process of applying scented products of the same scent to enhance the effect of the scent and make it last throughout the day.”

Jackie recommends applying a moisturizer in the same scent as your perfume first. “For best effect it is essential to ensure the skin is nourished and hydrated to really absorb the fragrance into the skin, so you should layer with a moisturizer of the same scent to give the full effect as the skin warms up. “explains Jackie.


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Many brands offer body creams and washes using the same scent as their perfumes, which can be worn under the existing line to enhance the scent and make it last longer. Christmas is a particularly good time to buy, as there are plenty of gift sets that cost little more than the fragrance alone, and once on sale, festive sets can even cost less than buying on their own.


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Consider Your Perfume Ingredients

If you love citrus scent, we have bad news for you – it could mean your scent doesn’t last as long.

“The heart and base notes of amber, woods and musks in Eau de Parfum tend to linger on your skin much longer, while the citrus scents evaporate much faster and need to be reapplied more frequently,” Jackie reveals.

Try the hair spray for a lasting scent.

As anyone who’s spent a day shaking out their hair that smells like shampoo knows, hair can retain the scent very well.

“The hair spray is also extremely effective because the molecules cling to the fibers, making the scent last longer,” says Jackie. “However, the alcohol in perfumes tends to dry out hair, which is why hair mists have become such a popular addition to the perfume wardrobe.”

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