How to Look Young at 41

Considered one of the most beautiful faces in South Korea, Kim Tae Hee never fails to amaze fans with her timeless, age-defying beauty.

At 41, she could book roles that might suit young professionals in their twenties.

Interestingly, she once revealed the secret of her youthful appearance.

Kim Tae Hee Skin Care Tip: Check Labels

With its visuals like the Hi bye, mom! sI feel like she spent most of her time in skincare clinics or has an incredibly demanding beauty routine; however, Queen Hallyu says it’s all about focusing on what you put into your body and how happy you feel.

In a 2019 video promoting a skincare brand, the A fox with nine tails the star gets honest about her routine.

Interesting way, Kim Tae Hee’s Skincare Routine Is Pretty Picky When It Comes To Ingredients of beauty products.

As noted by Koreabooo, the actress gets candid and reveals that her main focus is on commodities.

“I think everyone’s focus is on their skin – healthy, clear skin. I’m very picky about what staples I use,” she said, adding that she scans all of them. the ingredients and avoid those with a strong fragrance or aggressive components.

“Even though it’s boring to do, I make sure there are no ingredients that are harmful to my skin or have a strong smell. I not only check the products I use on my face, but I also check hair, body, hands and even lip products,” she said.

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Kim Tae Hee on stress management and happiness

For Queen Hallyu, it’s not always about the outside. According to her, managing stress levels is very important because it reflects how we perceive ourselves.

As the 41-year-old star explained, her number one secret to looking young and radiant is to be in a state of happiness; for her, it is an essential key to beauty.

She thinks a person looks prettier when they feel happy, adding “your face becomes brighter”.

Stress management is added to his essential list. She liked to spend her free time outside walking around and feeling the breeze. “I feel healed when I see the trees and breathe the natural air,” she explained.

Best known for her role in Stairway to Heaven, the sought-after leading lady is married to Rain, the equally talented and beautiful Hallyu star.

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