How La La Anthony’s new hair care line started at her kitchen sink

La La Anthony, she’s like us: trying, researching and testing a social media trend that she just went from testing TikTok phase of quarantine to a full haircare launch called INALA. The brand is focused on helping hair loss and regrowth via rice water and, as Anthony recently told us, they’re “beyond happy” with how it all turned out. past.

What was the most difficult to cast the line?

It was definitely a DIY project during the pandemic when everyone was at home playing with different things. I had been following the rice water trend through social media and online, and started using it on my own hair and seeing amazing results. The problem was that when rice water ferments it’s a really, really bad smell – so if you don’t use it within about 24 hours you can’t use it because your whole house really smells, really bad.

I kept asking myself, “How can I bring this to the masses – without the smell – and still have all the powerful ingredients of rice water and all?” I have worked with some of the best chemists and beauty professionals; I enlisted an incredible team and we came up with a complex formula of 100% unscented rice water. It contains biotin and tons of other vitamins and minerals, and that’s how INALA was born.

Is there a holy grail product in the range that you are super proud of?

The potion of power ($55) is our flagship product. This is our first product that we released. It comes in a dropper and people use it in their hair, but you can target your problem areas. For many of us who put a lot of stress on our hair, the edges are often a problem area – an area that thins out or goes bald in places by pulling ponytails, weaves or braids or just different types of hairstyles.

The Power Potion really targets whatever your problem is. I love to hear about and also see the amazing results. It’s like you’re restoring people’s confidence. You give people back their self-esteem and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s more than just hair care.

Courtesy of Inala

It’s a bit of a ritual to use this line and use these products. What does your wellness ritual look like?

I always say that I try to improve myself in my own self-care routine. My life is changing very, very quickly, between having a 15-year-old child and working all the time. Like a lot of people, I never really take time for myself, so I try to get better at making time at the end of the day, washing my face, cleansing, toning, using INALA in my hair . Even if it’s 10 minutes every night to just say, “OK, that’s my 10 minutes,” and try to commit to it. You can just go, go, go and the next thing you know you never really pay attention to yourself.

Is there anything someone might be surprised to learn about your beauty routine?

Probably I’m really a tomboy. I’m not really a girly girl; I get my hair and makeup done because it’s part of my job and being on TV or taking pictures, but in my everyday life there’s nothing about me that’s super glamorous or girly. That’s not my vibe at all!

Photographed by Solmaz Saberi/INALA

Are there any other brands you look up to that you looked up to when you launched the line?

I love hair care in general. I love experimenting with wigs, with braids, with different hairstyles so I’m a fan of all that. I just like to try different things. In high school, I was a ponytail girl, I was the girl everyone came to get their ponytail done with. I’m a hairdresser in general, so being able to offer a product that really helps with hair care is so important to me.

A lot of times when you’re wearing extensions or weaves or other things, you tend not to pay as much attention to your real hair and you have to understand that’s just as important. I think this product helps people take care and take care of their real hair.

Without revealing too much about the sequel, do you have a dream product that you would like to create?

We also went out with the Reset flush ($30), which is a once-a-week rinse-out 100% rice water complex that you rinse your hair with. Now let’s go out with a leave-in and work on the shampoo and conditioners. It’s so many exciting things. The sky’s the limit when it comes to rice water and benefits for hair and even skin, so we’re riding at a steady pace. We are really happy with how everything is going.

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